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AFTRS 2016

(Australian Film, TV and Radio School, Sydney)


Fri 14th Oct at 5:00 PM AGE:  15, or accompanied by an adult

FAMU (Film & TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague) and UTB Zlín (Tomáš Baťa Uninersity in Zlín)


CZ | 2015 | 27 min | Fiction | Director: Ondřej Hudeček
Bohemia, 19th Century. Ladislav, the mischievous son of a local landlord, terrorises the village with his cruel practical jokes. When a war breaks out, Ladislav is sent to a monastery where he unexpectedly discovers his hidden desires...A twisted queer romance telling the true taboo story of the birth of one of the nation’s most influential playwrights.

The Still Life of Vera/Pohledy na Věru Bechyňovou

CZ | 2015 | 9 min | Documentary | Director: Greta Stocklasová

A box of 254 postcards at 1 crown a piece. Dozens of senders but only one addressee. A portrait of the unknown recipient culled from 50 years of birthday and Christmas greetings.


CZ | 2015 | 23 min | Fiction | Director: Pavel Soukup
A dark tale about the clash between the gamekeeper Karel and a mysterious beast,called Leshy awakened by poachers. Who will become the true ruler of the forest? The storyline draws on Czech classics like KJ Erben and B Nemcová.

An Insight into the Life of Jindřich Brůda/Vhled do života Jindřicha Brůdy
CZ | 2015 | 8 min | Fiction | Director: Jan Hecht
Jindřich Brůda is in the midst of a silent war with his wife. When he goes wash himself in a lake though, he discovers that there are more important things than the mundane problems of life. This story is based on the short text Seven Insights into the Life of Jindřich Brůda, written by the same author.

FTF VŠMU (Film & TV Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts, Bratislava)

Fri 14th Oct at 6:30 PM AGE:  15, or accompanied by an adult


Chronos/ Chronos

SK | 2015 | 12 min | Fiction | Director: Martin Kazimír

A troubled old businessman finds the world turned upside down in a hotel room where time moves backwards.

The Ballad of Simon and Teresa/Balada o Šimonovi a Tereze
SK | 2015 | 25 min | Fiction | Director: Martin Hnát
It’s the end of the Great War and Teresa is hoping and praying for the return of her sweetheart Simon – the younger of two brothers. The elder brother, Matej has lost hope in his brother’s return and convinces Teresa to become his wife. What happens when Simon returns?



SK | 2015 | 29 min | Fiction | Director: Michal Blaško
Marek is a young boy who witnesses a violent attack on a bus. He manages to shoot the whole incident on his cell phone, but his fear and conscience prevent him from doing the right thing.

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