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Fibonacci / Fibonacci





Fibonacci / Fibonacci  | WED 30 March 7 PM

2020 CZ | Fiction / Experimental | 8 min

DIRECTOR: Tomáš Hubáček

Human swarm running through the land. Thirteen performers in a drop-shaped formation create a single organism, controlled by a collective intelligence or intuition. It spills over the land of geometric patterns, terrain waves, divides and re-connects. It stops at the horizon to rest and then runs…




Donna Bella / Donna Bella | THU 31 March 7 PM

2021 SK | Animation | 2:56 min

DIRECTOR: Emma Virág Csuport


Bella feels dirty. She wakes up, showers, shaves her legs and when she looks into the mirror the only thing she sees is her tired aging face. You can wash clothes to get rid of the physical dirt, but you cannot do the same with your soul. Or can you?




rauu / rauu | FRI 1 April 6:30 PM

2021 SK | Animation | 4:51 min

DIRECTOR: Zlatka Golecová


There is a shard missing in the cracked mirror… A mysterious figure approaches the mirror to fix it, but it must shed the extra layers if it wants to move on. What will be left in the end?


Old Gramophone’s Ghostly Tones / Hrůza v tónu gramofónu | FRI 1 April 9 PM

2021 CZ | Animation | 9 min

DIRECTORS: Zuzana Čupová, Martina Tomková, Kryštof Ulbert


The two burglars in this story don’t want to steal, all they long for is dance! Their mean boss however doesn’t approve of this though and asks them to break into an abandoned manor. What will happen when the burglars stumble upon a gramophone and unleash dozens of ghosts, who – unlike the boss – share their affection?




The Gypsy Dance / Cikánský tanec | SAT 2 April 1:30 PM

SK 2021 | Animation | 3 min 

DIRECTOR: Radoslava Lacková 

This short movie focuses mainly on the search for one's identity...Thanks to music and dancing, a Romani girl gets back to her roots and explores the rich past of her people.








Overboard / Přes palubu | SAT 2 April 4:30 PM

CZ/SK 2020 | Animation | 12 min

DIRECTORS: Filip Pošivač, Barbora Valecká 

Two friends are trying to sneak onto a cruise ship reserved for couples. At first glance, Chameleon and Kiwi are a strange pair. While the former calls attention to himself with his changing colours, the discreet and frightened Kiwi avoids attention at all costs. But when a storm robs them of the roof over their heads, differences matter no longer.




Sami / Sami |SAT 2 April 7 PM

SK 2020 | Feature | 18 min

DIRECTOR:  Ondrej Hraška

Young father Samo wants to prepare a nice weekend near the lake for his son and mother. While all he wants is for the family to be together, in his immaturity he does not realize what is about to unleash…



Tomato Hairytage / Tomato Hairytage | SUN 3 April 4:30 PM

SK 2021 Animation | 5:23 min

DIRECTOR: Laura Kočanová

An abstract, almost-love story of a foreigner fighting against his own habits. One occurrence in a sauna has made him question rooted stereotypes and step out of his comfort zone. That one moment starts an insane ride through his subconsciousness with a happy ending.

Shoot / Shoot | SUN 3 April 7 PM

2020 CZ | Animation | 3 min 

DIRECTOR: Eva Mlynarčíková

Life in the forest is peaceful until an amateur hunter appears. Even though he has all the equipment, he's struggling to hunt down a deer… to the point when the deer doesn't even want to run.






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Donna Bella / Donna Bella
rauu / rauu
Old Gramophone’s Ghostly Tones / Hrůza v tónu gramofónu
The Gypsy Dance / Cikánský tanec
Overboard / Přes palubu
Sami / Sami
Tomato Hairytage / Tomato Hairytage
Shoot / Shoot
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