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Films 2018

BAREFOOT | Po strništi bos                         













Even in difficult times of war, it may be harder to show courage to your own family. The Oscar winning duo behind the 1997 winner 'Kolya', father and son Zdeněk and Jan Svěrák have made yet another nostalgic return to their characters from their previous Oscar nominated hit movie of 1991, The Elementary School. 


Based on Zdenek’s autobiographical novel, and directed, written and produced by Jan, Barefoot describes the wonder of growing up through the eyes of an alert 8-year-old boy whose city family has been forced into rural exile during World War II. Quickly adapting to country life, Eda (luminously played by bright-eyed newcomer Alois Grec) transforms from a precious Prague city boy to a country lad complete with a new set of larrikin pals.


With time, unexpected family secrets begin to reveal themselves that little Eda will have to deal with.

ANTHROPOID | Anthropoid                         












A mission that changed the face of Europe forever. Sean Ellis’ gripping war epic is based on the extraordinary true story of Operation Anthropoid, the World War II mission to assassinate SS General Reinhard Heydrich.


It’s a historical thriller about the efforts of a handful of Czechs to kill the murderous Nazi overlord of their country.


The Reich's 3rd in command after Hitler and Himmler, Heydrich was the main architect of the Final Solution and the leader of occupying Nazi forces in Bohemia and Moravia Protectorate. His reign of terror prompted self-exiled Czech and Slovak soldiers (played by Cillian Murphy and Jamie Dornan) to hatch one of the most daring WWII top-secret missions.


Ellis mulled over the idea for a movie adaptation of this top-secret operation for 15 years, during which time he sifted through masses of available material. He knew he wanted to gain insight into the way soldiers Jozef Gabčík and Jan Kubiš felt vis-à-vis an act whose consequences for themselves would most certainly be fatal.


ALL OR NOTHING | Všetko alebo nič                    










Are you single and looking for the right person? Finding one is never easy.... 


A witty take on a well-oiled life of 3 single friends whose world is unexpectedly turned upside down. Linda is a 30-year-old single mum. Vanda is a 30-year-old independent, free spirited beauty. Edo is an introverted, shy and sensitive gay. They all run a small bookshop together and share their ups and downs. Their single lifestyle is shaken up when three gentlemen appear.


Linda meets a charismatic developer, Vanda is charmed by a university professor and Edo is picked up by a vegetarian hipster.  But is their romance going to last?

All Or Nothing

OUT | Out                                                                















“When one door closes, another opens“.


That´s what 50-year-old Ágoston thought when he got sacked from his lifelong job at a power plant of a small Slovak village. Leaving behind his family he sets off north to the Baltics, to Latvia where he wants to find his dream job as a welder in a shipyard and to catch a big sea fish.


Instead of warm welcome, Ágoston is faced with another ‘gritty‘ reality altogether. His journey pulls him deeper and deeper into a swell of strange encounters and absurd events.

OUT_Poster 1.jpg

ODDSOCKEATERS | Lichožrouti        






What´s happening with your socks when they’re getting laundered? Find out the ugly truth.


Have you ever wondered why there is always one sock left from a pair after doing a laundry?


“Never take the whole pair!” is the mantra of the Oddsockeaters, the creatures responsible for our socks just disappearing into thin air,

leaving us with a pile of odd ones.


Based on the bestselling book series, this animated-cum-gangster movie set in modern day Prague draws on the tradition of Czech

films for children and adults alike.


This truly delightful feature is a must see for children and the young at heart

OddSockEaters 2_Posters.jpg

LARKS ON A STRING | Skřivánci na niti                                                                  












A cinematographic gem that had been banned from screening for 20 years. Winner of the 1990 Berlin International Film Festival.


A comedy drama based on the novel by the acclaimed author Bohumil Hrabal is set in the repressive 1950s, a period when many Czechoslovaks were politically persecuted by the Communist dictatorship.


The plot evolves around various outcasts – intellectuals, religious people and other dissidents that opposed the regime. They are all forced to work in a junkyard in order to be ‘re-educated’. Included in this group of odd characters are female prisoners who are forced to work in the yard as part of their one-year sentence for trying to defect from the country.


However miserable the place is, the characters try to maintain their dignity and never give up on love and life.

Skrivanci Poster_ Czech 2.jpg

PRESIDENT BLANIK | Prezident Blaník                           













One presidential candidate‘s vision of how to save country from itself – sell it! 


President Blanik is a political parody based on the popular satirical web series Office Blanik / Kancelář Blaník.


The film is about lobbyist Tonda Blaník's candidacy in the 2018 presidential election mirroring to an extent the real events in recent elections. Tonda discovers that based on one interpretation of the constitution, he would be able to sell the Czech Republic if he were President. He decides to sell the country to China and announces his candidacy for the 2018 presidential



He promises voters corruption available to everybody and lithium for every family.  But being a ‘true’ politician what he promises it’s not always what will happen.

President Blanik
Blanik_ Poster.jpg

FORGET MOZART | Zabudnite na Mozarta          













An intriguing mystery of the great composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart death. Forman’s Amadeus only speculated on the probable causes of the spiritual and actual death of the 18th-century composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The Slovak-German Forget Mozart,  goes several steps further.


When Mozart (Max Tidorf) is found dead at the age of 35 in the dead of night, Austrian police investigator Count Pergen (Armin Mueller-Stahl)) is the man expected to get to the bottom of the musical genius' demise. Unsure exactly how the composer met his end and contemplating foul Play as a possibility, Pergen gathers Mozart's wife and several people who knew him intimately. His questioning of each reveals titbits from the great man's past.


As events unfold however, it is clear that "guilt" is a relative term and the conclusion of his investigation is at once definitive and opaque.

Forget Mozart

OKHWAN’S MISSION IMPOSSIBLE | Okhwan, na cestě za slobodou













This 2016 documentary tells the Don Quijote-like story of Okhwan Yoon, a law graduate and a successful businessman, a dreamer who gave up his career and set off on a bike trip around the world with one simple purpose - to draw attention to the absurd division of his homeland into South and North Korea.


His entire life in one small backpack, Okhwan spent more than 10 years on his bicycle, crossed 192 countries and clocked 10,000 kilometres.


Director Marek Mackovič project became famous even before the documentary was finished. The shots he made with Okhwan in July 2010 in Nepal were used by directors Kevin Macdonald (awarded with an Oscar) and Loressa Clisby in their project Life in a Day, streamed during the prestigious 2011 Sundance festival. 

Okhwan's Mission Impossible
Okhwan_Poster_English 2a.jpg

BACKSTAGE / Backstage                                                     











Hip hop, street dance and urban culture mashup...feel the rhythm of backstage!


A thrilling dance movie full of energy, dance, passion and music. Film about young people for young people.


A talented dance group from a small Slovak town strives for a breakthrough in showbusiness.  But once they enter this crazy world and take part in a TV dance competition, their friendship, loves and outlook on life are changed.


Backstage is a contemporary story about passion for dance, the power of friendship, dreaming big and the sacrifices you have to make to achieveyour goals. 

BACKSTAGE - Poster.png
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