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Films 2021

THE MAN WITH HARE EARS / Muž so zajačími ušami                               SK 2020 | Comedy/Drama | 104 min                                            













Awards: Best Director Warsaw IFF
Festivals: Warsaw IFF 

The opening feature film The Man with Hare Ears, a dramedy by the Slovak director Martin Šulík is a story of a self-centred writer Josef who thinks that nothing can surprise him anymore. One evening, though, his phone rings and he finds himself caught up in a series of events that turn his world upside-down. He acquires an unexpected ability – extraordinary hearing as a result of a new pair of rabbit ears. Now he can hear not only what people say, but also what they are thinking about. And suddenly he learns what his family and friends think of him.


The Australian premiere of the new Slovak-Czech delightful comedy is the tenth film by one of the most prominent contemporary Slovak filmmakers Martin Šulík with Miroslav Krobot in the lead.

SHORT FILM: CONCRETE JUNGLE /Betonová džungle | CZ 2019 | Animation 7:30 min 


WED 24 MARCH  7:00 PM   

DIRECTOR           Martin Šulík                      

LANGUAGE          Slovak/Czech 

                               English subtitles

AGE                       15+ or accompanied by an adult

CAST                     Miroslav Krobot

                               Táňa Pauhofová

                               Zuzana Kronerová

                               Oldřich Kaiser

                               Alexandra Borbély

                               Zuzana Mauréry



CHARLATAN /Šarlatán                                

CZ/IE/PL/SK  2020 | Biopic | 118 min













Awards: Best Director EFA 2020 |14 Czech Lion Nominations
Festivals: Berlin IFF

The historical drama Charlatan by the renowned Polish director Agnieszka Holland is inspired by the true story of Czech healer Jan Mikolášek who dedicated his life to treating the sick using medicinal plants. He was forced to choose between his calling and his conscience throughout the war and the turmoil of the 20th century.


Mikolášek found fame and fortune treating celebrities in the 1920s and 30s, as well as the Nazi and Communist eras with his uncanny knack for “urinary diagnosis”. Like the century he lived in, his fascinating personal tale is full of twists and is a reflection on the price a person pays for single mindedly following their calling.

SHORT FILM: Trust me  / Ver mi | SK 2019 | Animation 6 min 



 THU 25 MARCH  7:00 PM

DIRECTOR              Agnieszka Holland                       

LANGUAGE            Czech

                                 English subtitles

AGE                         15+ or accompanied by an adult

CAST                       Ivan Trojan

                                 Josef Trojan

                                 Juraj Loj

                                 Jaroslava Pokorná

                                 Martin Myšička



SCUMBAG / Sviňa                                                                

SK 2020 | Drama/Thriller | 104 min     















A box office hit, Scumbag is a political thriller inspired by real life events. The story takes place in a small picturesque European country where anything goes. Drugged girls become the playthings of influential men from the underworld and the top echelons of politics. Fortunes can be made from government contracts and blackmail is just another type of business. Power is the best way to protect your people from the police and the courts. If you have power, you can do anything. In this country some will do well. Very well. And sticking your nose into other people’s business can be fatal. Life is sometimes cheap and death is just another commodity.

SHORT FILM: THE PIT / Jáma CZ 2019 | Animation | 8:50 min 



FRI 26 MARCH  7:00 PM


DIRECTOR              Mariana Čengel Solčanská, Rudolf Bierman  

LANGUAGE            Slovak

                                 English subtitles

AGE                         15+ or accompanied by an adult

CAST                       ​Jozef Vajda

                                 Marko Igonda

                                 Daniel Heriban

                                 Diana Móorová

                                 Andrej Remeník

                                 Gabriela Marcinková


PRINCESS CURSED IN TIME / Princezna zakletá v čase

CZ  2020 | Fairy Tale/Fantasy | 115 min
















Princess Elen wakes up on her birthday knowing she must either kill the evil witch who cursed her or find her true love. If she doesn´t manage either, the kingdom will be destroyed by a dark storm, as has already happened many times before. The princess has got one last chance to save herself and the kingdom. Will she be able to persuade her friends, break the strong spells and defeat the powerful witch? Maybe destroying the witch is not the only thing she must do and the princess will have to sacrifice much more!

SHORT FILM: Chestnut Boy / Gaštanko | SK 2019 | Animation | 9 min



SAT  27 MARCH  13:30 PM


DIRECTOR                Petr Kubík                                              LANGUAGE              Czech

                                   English subtitles

AGE                           No restriction


CAST                         Natalia Germani

                                   Eliška Křenková

                                   Marek Lambora

                                   Simona Zmrzlá

                                   Martin Dejdar

                                   Roman Zach


SHADOW COUNTRY / Krajina ve stínu        

CZ  2020 | Drama/History | 135 min   
















Awards: 15 Czech Lion Nominations
Festivals: London FF


Bohdan Sláma’s striking black and white epic Shadow Country is a unique account of life in the Czech-Austrian border village of Schwarzwald from the 1930s through WWII to the 1950s, a time which saw a small community of decent people sacrificed to political ideology. The Austrian and Czech villagers must choose their allegiances, some which will have dire consequences.

This 2020 historical drama features compelling performances from Magdaléna Borová as the “black widow” who marries a German and Csongor Kassai as the Czech who loses his Jewish wife.

SHORT FILM: LUNAT/ Lunate  |SK 2020 | Animation | 5:21 min 


SAT  27 MARCH  16:00 PM


DIRECTOR                     Bohdam Sláma                                      LANGUAGE                   Czech/Slovak/German

                                        English subtitles

AGE                                15+ or accompanied by an adult  

CAST                              Magdaléna Borová

                                        Stanislav Majer

                                        Csongor Kassai

                                        Barbora Poláková

                                        Pavel Nový

                                        Petra Špalková




DRONEMAN / Modelář                                                             

CZ/SK/SL |  2020 | Thriller | 110 min










Awards:  7 Czech Lion Nominations

Festivals: Warsaw IFF    

Droneman is a 2020 Czech psychological thriller film directed by Petr Zelenka. Chemist and drone navigator Pavel (Kryštof Hádek) has a strong sense of justice and wants to fix the wrongs in the world while his businessman friend and part time rapper Plech (Jiří Mádl) dreams of big money and a comfortable life. Pavel enjoys working with the drones, but he realises that life around him is no longer satisfying – there is a lot of tension among people, but no one has taken any action or even seen the bigger picture. So, Pavel sets out to “do the right thing”. He aims straight for the top, choosing to eliminate Dick Cheney, the controversial American politician and businessman, on his upcoming visit to Prague. The question is – will he succeed?

SHORT FILM: ON THE HILL / On the Hill | SK 2020 | Animation | 8:50 min



SAT 27 MARCH  7:00 PM

DIRECTOR                   Petr Zelenka                                               LANGUAGE                 Czech

                                      English subtitles

AGE                              15+ or accompanied by an adult

CAST                            ​Kryštof Hádek

                                      Jiří Mádl

                                      Veronika Khek Kubařová

                                      Richard Stanke

                                      Zuzana Fialová

                                      Helena Dvořáková



NIGHT RIDERS / Noční jazdci                  

CZECHOSLOVAKIA  1981 | Adventure/Drama | 92 min


















Shortly after World War I and the creation of the First Czechoslovak Republic, two war veterans face off against each other in a small village bordering Poland in the north of Slovakia. One has the backing of the whole, albeit poor village, while the other has the law on his side. It results in a conflict that reaches its climax in the closing shoot out. But instead of the Wild West, the gunshots ring out at the Slovak-Polish border. Michal Dočolomanský as the horse smuggler and Radoslav Brzobohatý as the customs officer from Prague meet in Holly's Night Riders in a western style confrontation set in the insecure years of the newly founded Czechoslovak Republic.


A not to be missed screening of the film by the renowned Slovak director in the newly released SFI digitally restored version.


SHORT FILM: Hide ‘N Seek / Schovka |CZ 2019 | Animation | 7 min 



SUN  28 MARCH  3:30 PM

DIRECTOR                    Martin Hollý                                                LANGUAGE                  Slovak/Czech

                                       English Subtitles

AGE                               15+ or accompanied by an adult

CAST                             Radoslav Brzobohatý 

                                       Michal Dočolomanský

                                       Soňa Valentová

                                       Leopold Haverl

                                       Petr Čepek

                                       Jiří Krampol

                                       Pavel Zedníček

                                       Ivan Palúch




FAR TOO PERSONAL / Príliš osobná známosť         

 CZ/SK 2020 | Comedy/Drama | 107 min   













Natalia is 30 years old, lives alone, works at a design studio, has a best friend called Simona who is freshly divorced and likes her life as it is. Simona tries to move on with her life and live alone as her son has decided to live with his father while Natalia finds love in a relationship with a widower, his little daughter and grandmother Eva who has a heart bigger than the sea. Three women, three faces of love, three stories of joy, pain, happiness and sorrow. A charming and touching film that once again shows that love comes in as many formats as there are people in the world

SHORT FILM: WAY OF SYLVIE / Podle Sylvie CZ  2019 | Animation | 12 min



SUN 28 MARCH  7:00 PM

DIRECTOR                   Marta Ferencová                                        LANGUAGE                 Czech

                                      English Subtitles

AGE                              15+ or accompanied by an adult

CAST                            Petra Hřebíčková 

                                      Tatiana Dyková

                                      Eliška Balzerová

                                      Ľuboš Kostelný

                                      Marián Mitaš,

                                      Branislav Trifunovič




(Frenchs Forest, 16 Grattan Crescent)


VIDEO KINGS | Králi videa    

SK/CZ  2020 | Documentary | 82 min  














AWARDS: Czech Film Critics Award Nomination | Best Documentary

From the Artactive and Blackout production companies comes a documentary that will take you back to a time when videos from the West were illegally imported into Czechoslovakia, layered over with fast, dodgy dubbing and then bought and sold on the black market in order to be screened at home en masse. A very entertaining, nostalgic look not only at this phenomenon of the 80s and 90s but behind the scenes recollections from the then pirates, dubbers, distributors and all the others involved in this “home grown” industry and how they remembered the time. 



SAT 20 MARCH  18:30 PM

DIRECTOR               Lukáš Bulava                                              LANGUAGE             Czech

                                  English Subtitles

AGE                          15+ or accompanied by an adult

CAST                        Petr Svoboda

                                  František Fuka 

                                  Ondřej Neff, 

                                  Dana Hábová

                                  Roman Holý 

                                  Zdeněk Troška 

                                  Jiří Zídek

                                  Lukrecius Chang

                                  Václav Šimáček

                                  Ondřej Hejma

                                  Josef Šedý 

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