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THE PIT / Jáma   

CZ 2019 | Animation | 8:50 min | DIRECTOR: Markéta Smolíková Kubátová

FESTIVALS:  Finland Oulu IFF, Animateka Ljubljana

A group of trolls travels across barren hills looking for edible soil. Once they find a good spot, they’re immediately rolling up their sleeves and start excavating a pit. The trolls don’t waste time talking — they just work hard, come rain or shine. But what is all this labour leading up to?




WAY OF SYLVIE / Podle Sylvie   

CZ 2019 | Animation | 12 min | DIRECTOR: Verica Pospíšilová Kordić

FESTIVALS & AWARDS:  Annecy IFF, CinEast Audience Award


Sylvie´s life beats according to the rhythm of her responsibilities. She is efficient, perfect, wonderful and, tired. A
small accident happens and everything changes...or not.




CONCRETE JUNGLE / Betonová džungle

CZ 2019 | Animation | 7:30 min | Director: Marie Urbánková

FESTIVALS: Clermont-Ferrand IFF


The Concrete Jungle is a short animated film inspired by the limitless imagination of children. When a neighbour drills into a wall, who knows what a child thinks of a sound he doesn’t know and can’t identify. Maybe a herd of bisons is trampling through the neighbour‘s flat, or a savage cannibalistic tribe lives there. Thrilling tales of a small boy in a housing estate where even the most exciting adventures in the world can take place.





HIDE ‘N’ SEEK / Schovka

CZ 2018 | Animation | 7 min | Director: Bára Halířová

Through the imagination of its young characters, Barbora Halířová’s humorous graduation film uses a game of hide-
and-seek to pull the viewer into the surreal world of the human subconscious. When a young boy hides into a wall
clock during playtime, his life shrinks into a single game of hide and seek.




ON THE HILL / On the Hill

SK 2020 | Animation | 8:50 min | DIRECTORS: Lukáš Ďurica, Juraj Mäsiar 


One evening, a robot living alone in the forest finds a fallen star from the sky on a hill behind his house. He likes
the star so he decides to keep it. Over time, he discovers that the star is losing its brightness and is gradually
diming while on earth. He decides to return the star to the sky again, something which is easier said than done.



LUNATE / Lunate

SK 2020 | Animation | 5:21 min | DIRECTOR: Klára Fedora Homzová 


The livelihoods of a young shepherd girl Sól and her father are being terrorised by a werewolf. The father leaves to
go and fight the animal and orders Sól to stay at home. Unable to bear the fear and uncertainty, she grabs her stick
and runs out once she hears him scream. Will she find the strength to defeat the beast?



TRUST ME / Ver mi  

SK 2019 | Animation | 6 min | Director: Zlata Golecová

Mum – The Hand cuts her nail, plants it, and hopes it will grow into a small hand like her. She’s looking forward to
some sweet company. However, a problem arises when a leg peeks out of the flower pot instead of a hand. What
happens next, how will both parties carry on and how will this relationship change over time?


SK 2019 Animation | | 9 min | Director: Agáta Bolaňosová

A shy and lonely boy builds himself a friend out of magical chestnuts. However, he must choose between staying in the imaginary
world or facing his fears and finding true friendship.






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