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2020 CZ | Fiction / Experimental | 8 min

DIRECTOR: Ekaterina Bessonova

Everybody sometimes has a feeling of getting old. The main character of Reflection gets this sensation after her 30th birthday. She starts to fear mirrors and gets into all kinds of embarrassing situations because of that. In order to solve her problem she needs to look at her past...




SHELLS / Schránky  

2021 SK | Animation | 2:56 min

DIRECTOR: Marie-Magdalena Kochová


The elevator of the nursing home turns into a stage as the old dancer explores the limits of his body, memory, and passing of time. Trapped inside the four walls, he must face the helplessness of his own languishing shell. Starring Jan Minařík, the soloist of Pina Bausch theatre and the greatest Czech 20th century dancer. 




SUZIE IN GARDEN / Zuza v zahradách 

2022 CZ/SK | Animation | 13 min

DIRECTOR: Lucie Sunková


Suzie is a little girl who goes with her mother and dad to an allotment outside the city. One day she meets a black dog and discovers a mysterious garden. Who is it that lives there? Suzie is a little afraid. But what to do when you are afraid of someone, but you find their key on the path?



ANA / Ana 

2022 SK | Animation | 6:45 min

DIRECTORS: Romana Candráková


A story abstractly describing the struggle of a young girl with an eating disorder. Drowning in remorse, fragments of her past emerge, intertwined with her struggle with obsessive control, powerlessness and fears. The fear of continuing in this cycle is justified, as the illness takes piece by piece of Ana herself with each denied bite.



HOOD UNION / Sídlisková spojka 

2022 SK | Drama / Ficton 11:40 min

DIRECTOR: Kristián Grupač 

In the breaking news, there is a story about the death of mafia boss Stefan S. However, in the underbelly of every story, it’s also true that nobody can be fully trusted anymore these days....




DINNER FOR 2 - BREAKFAST FOR 1 / Večera pre 2 – Raňajky pre 1 

2022 SK | Fiction | 4:08 min

DIRECTORS: Kristína Žilinčárová

A visceral tale of one fine dining experience. A young woman who longs for something more tells the story of a special dinner. A fantasy about food and female desire that oscillates in genre between a trendy flick, a horror film, a music video and a drama.



ISLAND OF FREEDOM / Ostrov svobody 

2022 CZ | Drama | 26 min

DIRECTOR:  Petr Januschka

A short film about love and freedom. It’s 1981 in communist Czechoslovakia and a young man, Jindřich (Jiří Mádl), surprisingly meets his childhood sweetheart Eva (Judit Bárdos) on board a charter flight to Cuba. They immediately strike up a conversation and with every answer, every flash or unwanted touch, the old bond is rekindled. Little do they know that soon they will be faced with perhaps the most difficult decision of their lives.



CONNECTED / Spojenie 

2022 SK | Animation | 9 min

DIRECTOR: Peter Skye Kološ

An adventurous girl travels on a futuristic scooter across the ocean and lands on an isolated island where a mysterious bird appears and steals her ignition key. She has to chase him through the jungle in order to get the key back. Filthy and exhausted, she gradually learns about the bird’s motivations and becomes more perceptive.


SISTERS / Sestry 

2020 CZ | Animation | 3 min 

DIRECTOR: Andrea Szelesová

The Big Sister – a person of colossal size – is trapped in the sand of a deserted landscape. With no way to take care of herself, this burden falls on her resentful little sister. But The Big Sister keeps growing and sinking into her trap. Despite The Little Sister’s attempts to stop it, she is left with one night to say goodbye and let go.


WHEN I GROW UP / Až vyrostu 

2021 CZ | Animation | 3:35 min

DIRECTOR: Ester Kasalová

Along with her crew, the director visits a kindergarten and asks the children what they want to be when they grow up. The kids’ minds are made up and the director visualises their plans with a simple style and artistic shortcut typical of children’s drawings.


RED SHOES / Rudé boty 

2021 CZ | Animation | 14 min

DIRECTOR: Ana Podskalská

The village party has begun and Róza hasn’t been invited to dance. Suddenly, an unknown stranger appears, inviting Róza to dance, giving her a pair of red shoes. Róza starts to dance with great passion, quickly becoming the centre of attention. Soon after, she realizes she can’t control the shoes, as the shoes are controlling her…


SHELLS / Schránky
SUZIE IN GARDEN / Zuza v zahradách
ANA / Ana
DINNER FOR 2 - BREAKFAST FOR 1 / Večera pre 2
ISLAND OF FREEDOM / Ostrov svobody
HOOD UNION / Sídlisková spojka
CONNECTED / Spojenie
SISTERS / Sestry
WHEN I GROW UP / Až vyrostu
RED SHOES / Rudé boty
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