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Fruits of Clouds / Plody mraků    

CZ | 2017 | 10 min | Animation | Director: Kateřina Karhánková

FESTIVALS & AWARDS:  CINEKID Best EU Short Animation, Annecy, Milano (SFIFF), Seattle 


A little furry critter lives with some animal friends in a clearing surrounded by dark woods. Their only food is rare orange seeds that transform into large glowing fruit as soon as they touch the ground. Furry’s friends are afraid to venture into the scary woods, but he’s bored just hanging around and waiting.




Blueberry Hunt / Hurá na borůvky 

CZ | 2017 | 7 min | Animation | Directors: Alexandra Hetmerová &Kateřina Karhánková

FESTIVALS & AWARDS: Zlin 2018 Best Animated Film, Warsaw, Schlingel IFF, CINEKID Amsterdam


A short animated story about the adventures of two sweet-tooth bears with a craving for blueberry dumplings. As they set out for the forest to look for berries, they come down with a case of the hiccups which complicates their blueberry picking. Even the most sophisticated methods don’t seem to help. Just when the situation looks hopeless, something unexpected turns out to do the trick.




Bloody Fairy Tales /  Krvavé pohádky

CZ| 2018 | 8 min | Animation | Director: Tereza Kovandová

FESTIVALS: Milano (SFIFF), Berlin INTERFILM, Varna (WFAF), KLIK Amsterdam


Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, The Prince and The Frog, Tangled, or Beauty and Beast – world famous fairytales remade into minute episodes, where the key is black humour, cynicism, and a modern day setting. Unpredictable storylines, love, sex, drugs, and a lack of happy endings - five classical fairytales, recreated in a violent way. Really bloody, really naughty fairytales for the new generation. Keep away from children. They might just like it.




Chase / Štvanice

CZ| 2017 | 12 min | Documentary | Director: Michaela Režová


Based on first-person interviews and archival materials, this animated documentary relives the glory days of Czechoslovak hockey — but also its dark moments from the year 1950. Chase follows not only the players’ personal fates, but also the transformations in society, politics, and culture which took place in the background.




I Love / I Love

CZ |2016 | 14 min | Documentary | Director: Lenka Benešová



A short film about finding a partner in the 21st century. “A story about the reality of my solitude and my urgent need to change this state. Helped by the guaranteed ways for "singles who want to push their luck a little bit." I am not giving up. It’s important to me, I care about it.”  Lenka Benešová, Director




Poetika Anima / Poetika Anima

SK | 2018 | 6 min | Animation | Director: Kriss Sagan

FESTIVALS: Warsaw, Angers (France)      


Anon-narrative animated film based on a lyrical poem. Countless symbols and visual metaphors accompanied by original atmospheric music from Frederic Robinson create a story rich with meaning about a woman who transforms her disheartenment within a fluid space/time.




Yellow / Žltá

SK | 2017 | 6:45 min |Animation | Director: Ivana Šebestová

FESTIVALS: Clermont-Ferrand ISFF, Annecy


Yellow, by the acclaimed Slovak animation director Ivana Šebestová,is the story of an opera singer as well as the story of many of us.“It’s a movie about freedom and the joy of living, but also about the fear that stops us from enjoying them. The main character has withdrawn into her own, neatly structured world whose boundaries make her feel safe. Fortunately, her longing for freedom is much stronger than her fear of the unknown”.Ivana Šebestová




Journey / Journey

SK | 2018 | 8:41 min | Animation | Director: Marek Jasaň


What would happen if you were able to see other people’s inner worlds? Journey is the story of a man who daydreams by entering the minds of people around him, stealing their dreams, desires and personal experiences in order to fill his own, empty mind.




Just a Note from the Field Post / Len lístok poľnej pošty         

SK | 1977 |15 min | Document | Director: Peter Solan


A documentary about a young talented artist that lost his life too early, as did millions of other young men in World War I. It is the story of a soldier in the Austro-Hungarian Army, Ludvík Maršík from the Czech city of Náchod. Thanks to the kept promise he gave his family that he would write to them every day. In less than four years, he sent 1500 cards, out of which 477 remain. The last card is dated January 16, 1918. Solan was able to reconstruct Maršík's life in the war from the postcards he wrote and drew during manoeuvres and battles of the war.




The Last Bus / Posledný autobus        

SK | 2011 | 15 min | Drama/Feature | Directors: Martin SnopekIvana Laučíková

FESTIVALS & AWARDS: Clermont-Ferrand ISFF 2012 Winner, Dresden FF 2012 Winner, Edinburgh 2012 Nomination  


It’s the startof the hunting season. The animals of the forest board a small bus to flee to safety. When the hunters stop the bus in the middle of the night, in fear of their lives, its passengers reveal their true natures.

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