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Films 2024


2023 CZ, SK | Drama / Crime | 117 min                               













Awards: Karlovy Vary IFF - Grand Prix Best Film nomination

Festivals: Karlovy Vary IFF 

We Have Never Been Modern,’ set in 1937 pre-war Czechoslovakia, is a compelling drama revolving around the character Helena Hauptová, played by Eliška Křenková. Helena, an aspiring doctor and the wife of a factory director Alois Haupt, portrayed by Miloslav König, finds herself in the midst of a mysterious and disturbing discovery at the factory: the dead body of a newborn intersex baby. The story navigates through the nuances of intersexuality, a theme rarely explored at the time, against the backdrop of a male-dominated and conservative society. Helena's quest for truth and understanding sets her apart in an environment quick to dismiss the incident as sabotage. The film, rich in its historical setting and complex characters, weaves a narrative of otherness and exclusion, as Helena, on the brink of motherhood herself, grapples with societal norms and her own biases. This Czech and Slovak co-production delves into the intricate dynamics of identity, empathy, and societal transformation, presenting a poignant drama with contemporary relevance.

SHORT FILM: Golden Birds / Na vychýr | 2023 SK | Animation | 2:55 min | Director: Samuel Puchovský 


WED 20/03/24     7:00 PM  

DIRECTOR           Matej Chlupacek                 

LANGUAGE         Czech | English Subtitles

AGE                       12+

CAST                     Eliška Křenková

                               Miloslav König,

                               Richard Langdon,,

                               Milan Ondrík,

                               Marián Mitaš,


RESTORE POINT / Bod obnovy 

RESTORE POINT / Bod obnovy                                

2023 CZ, SK, PL, RS | Sci-fi Thriller | 116 min    













Festivals: Karlovy Vary IFF, Fantasia IFF

Bod obnovy’, a film set in the year 2041, presents a dystopian future where technological advancements have enabled the resurrection of victims of violent crimes. Directed by Robert Hloz, this Czech sci-fi thriller focuses on an ambitious young detective, Em Trochinowska, who is presented with the unique opportunity to solve a complex murder case. One of the victims, brought back to life through a revolutionary procedure that backs up their brain, becomes a key witness in unraveling the mystery. The film's plot delves deep into the societal and ethical implications of this new technology. It raises questions about the nature of humanity, the value of life, and the consequences of manipulating life and death. With a retro-futuristic cyberpunk aesthetic, it has drawn comparisons to the genre classic ‘Blade Runner,’ captivating both mainstream and arthouse audiences. The movie has premiered at prestigious film festivals, including the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival and the Fantasia International Film Festival, garnering critical acclaim for its innovative approach and thought-provoking narrative. 

SHORT FILM: Shedding the Mist / Svlékat mlhy | 2023 SK, CZ | Fiction | 11:35 min

THU 21/03/24     7:00 PM  

DIRECTOR           Robert Hloz                   

LANGUAGE         Czech | English Subtitles 

AGE                       12+

CAST                     ​Andrea Mohylová

                               Matěj Hádek,

                               Milan Ondrík,

                               Václav Neužil ml.,

                               Karel Dobrý,

                               Agáta Kryštůfková               


SUPPRESSED / Němá tajemství

SUPPRESSED / Němá tajemství                                

2023 CZ | Psychological Drama | 107 min 













Festivals: Energa Camerimage, Torun

Němá tajemství’ is a Czech psychological drama directed by Tomáš Mašín and written by Alice Nellis. The film presents a deeply moving narrative about the struggle to understand language, actions, and desires in the wake of a traumatic incident. The story revolves around Martin, a veterinarian who suffers a severe injury resulting in aphasia, leaving him trapped in his own mind, unable to communicate or understand others. The film skillfully explores the impact of this condition not only on Martin but also on the significant women in his life. His wife, Erika, dedicates everything to his care but is painfully aware of the bleak prospects for his quality of life. Martin's mother attempts to cope with forced positivity, while Jana, whose horse caused the incident, further complicates the already tense situation. The narrative delves into various perspectives, each character grappling with their own strong opinions on how to care for Martin. Movie critics praised the film for its artful handling of such a sensitive topic, touching on existential questions and the quality of life. The film also broaches the controversial subject of euthanasia, adding another layer of complexity to its portrayal of communication barriers and personal struggles. 

SHORT FILM: The Whisper of Freedom / Šepot slobody | 2023 SK | Fiction | 15:55 min | Dir: Anna Ahaliieva

FRI 22/03/24     6:30 PM  

DIRECTOR           Tomáš Mašín                   

LANGUAGE         Czech | English Subtitles

AGE                       12+

CAST                     Jana Plodková,

                               Marián Mitaš

                               Milena Steinmasslová

                               Jiří Havelka,

                               Magdaléna Borová,

                               Igor Chmela               

                               Jan Révai


#annaismissing / #annaismissing

#annaismissing / #annaismissing                                

2023 CZ, SK | Drama / Thriller | 108 min    













Festivals: Karlovy Vary IFF

#annaismissing,’ directed by Pavel Soukup, is a riveting Czech thriller that delves into the complexities of modern technology's impact on personal lives. The film follows the story of Nina, portrayed by Alexandra Vostrejžová, a teenager who stumbles upon a provocative picture of a missing influencer, Anna, on her father's phone. This discovery propels Nina into an amateur investigation, revealing layers of family secrets and societal issues, including the dark world of revenge porn and online predators. As Nina unravels the mystery behind Anna's disappearance, she confronts troubling truths about her father and other individuals connected to Anna. The narrative weaves through the hazards teens face in the digital age, presenting a realistic portrayal of their everyday online encounters. Set against a backdrop that skillfully integrates social media platforms and modern communication, the movie is a suspenseful journey filled with unexpected twists, ultimately serving as a thought-provoking commentary on contemporary issues. 

SHORT FILM: At Spiral’s End / Na konci spirály | 2022 CZ | Documentary / Animation | 4 min | Dir: Eliška Kerbachová

FRI 22/03/24     9:00 PM  

DIRECTOR           Pavel Soukup                  

LANGUAGE         Czech | English Subtitles

AGE                       15+

CAST                     Alexandra Vostrejžová,

                               Viktorie Vítová,

                               Marek Němec

                               Barbora Bočková

                               Magdalena Čečo

                               Petra Bučková              


KRAKONOS’ SECRET / Krakonošovo tajemství

KRAKONOS’ SECRET / Krakonošovo tajemství                                

2022 CZ, SK, DE | Fairy Tale / Family | 99 min   














Krakonošovo tajemství’ is a Czech-Slovak-German fairy tale directed by Peter Bebjak. The film is a romantic story set against the backdrop of the picturesque Krkonoše Mountains. It revolves around the new owner of the Hůrka Castle, Štěpán, his beautiful fiancée, Countess Blanka, and Štěpán's younger brother, Adam. A pivotal moment occurs when their carriage accidentally hits a local girl named Liduška, leading to an unexpected twist of fate as she falls in love with Adam. The film also introduces an ethnographer named Jiráček, who is collecting local legends. His skepticism and curiosity drive the narrative forward, as he seeks to unravel the mystery of the castle and, most importantly, the true identity of Krakonoš, the mythic guardian spirit of the Krkonoše. The storyline touches on themes of love, mystery, and local folklore, weaving a modern interpretation of traditional fairy tale elements. The film's portrayal of Krakonoš aims to offer a new perspective on this iconic character, distinct from his depiction in the famous ‘Krkonošské pohádky’ fairy tale series. The movie stands out for its attempt to reinterpret a legendary figure within the context of a contemporary fairy tale, offering viewers a fresh take on a well-known Czech folklore character. 

SAT 23/03/24     1:30 PM  

DIRECTOR           Peter Bebjak                  

LANGUAGE         Italian, Czech | English Subtitle

AGE                       G 

CAST                     David Švehlík

                               Leona Skleničková

                               Jan Nedbal

                               Ondřej Sokol

                               Dominika Morávková-Zeleníková,

                               Jakub Prachař,               


THE MAN WHO STOOD IN THE WAY / Muž, který stál v cestě

THE MAN WHO STOOD IN THE WAY / Muž, který stál v cestě                            2023 CZ, UA, LT | Historical Drama | 120 min













Muž, který stál v cestě’ is a 2023 Czech historical drama that focuses on the life of František Kriegel, a key figure during the Prague Spring of 1968. Directed by Petr Nikolaev, the film delves into the dramatic events surrounding Kriegel's resistance against the Soviet Union's influence in Czechoslovakia. The film portrays Kriegel, as the only politician arrested and kidnapped to Moscow together with 5 leaders of party and Czechoslovak government who refused to sign the Moscow Protocol which meant agreeing to the occupation of Czechoslovakia in 1968. The story highlights his courage and principle in the face of political pressure and threats. Critics have appreciated the film for highlighting a less-celebrated figure in Czech history and for its emotive portrayal of the events of August 1968, as well as the depth of its portrayal of Kriegel's personal drama, focusing both on familiar historical events as well as Kriegel's life, providing a fresh perspective on the events of 1968 and Kriegel's role in them. 

SHORT FILM: Of Stars and Fables / O hviezdach a bájkach | 2023 SK | Animation | 6:40 min | Dir: Alla Dmitrievna Prokopyshyna

SAT 23/03/24     4:00 PM  

DIRECTOR           Petr Nikolaev                  

LANGUAGE         Czech | English Subtitle

AGE                       12+ 

CAST                     Tomáš Töpfer

                               Zuzana Mauréry

                               Adrian Jastraban

                               Alois Švehlík

                               Jiří Ployhar ml.

                               Dano Heriban…               


ABSENCE / Absence 

ABSENCE / Absence                               

2021 IR, CZ, SK | Drama / Mystery Thriller | 100 min














Awards: Best Editing winner in 2022 at St. Andrew’s Film Festival

Festivals: St. Andrew’s FF Sao Paulo IFF, IFF of Kerala, IFF of India, Austin FF

In ‘Absence,’ directed by Ali Mosaffa, Rouzbeh leaves Tehran for Prague to investigate his father's secretive past as a communist expatriate in Czechoslovakia. He discovers unsettling family secrets, confronting the idealized image he held of his father. The plot thickens when Rouzbeh visits his father's old apartment, leading to a dramatic revelation: the current resident, Vladimir, who tragically fell from a window, is his half-brother. This revelation forces Rouzbeh to grapple with the complexities of his father's and Vladimir's lives, challenging his perception of his father's heroism. This narrative, intertwining personal discovery with historical contexts, offers a deep exploration of familial legacy and identity. 

SHORT FILM: A Tale of Family Heritage / O rodinném dědictví na Františkově Lhotě | 2023 CZ | Fiction | 12:53 min | Dir: Viola Bláhová

SAT 23/03/24     6:30 PM  

DIRECTOR           Ali Mosaffa                  

LANGUAGE         Persian, Czech | English Subtitles

AGE                       12+ 

CAST                     Ali Mosaffa

                               Leila Hatami

                               Zuzana Stivínová

                               Magdaléna Borová

                               Petra Nesvačilová

                               Antonie Formanová              


SHE CAME AT NIGHT / Přišla v noci

SHE CAME AT NIGHT / Přišla v noci                                

2023 CZ | Black Comedy / Horror | 85 min   














Festivals: Karlovy Vary IFF

Přišla v noci’ is a Czech film blending elements of comedy and horror. The plot revolves around a couple
in their thirties, Jirka and Aneta, whose seemingly happy life is upended when Jirka's overbearing mother, Valerie,
moves in with them. Valerie's presence soon transforms their peaceful existence into chaos, as she gradually invades
not only their physical space but also their mental peace. The film delves into the darkly humorous and unnerving
dynamics that emerge in the household. Simona Peková, portraying Valerie, delivers a remarkable performance that
captures the essence of a mother-from-hell character, contributing significantly to the film's unsettling atmosphere.
Jirka, played by Jiří Rendl, and Aneta, portrayed by Annette Nesvadbová, represent a couple struggling to maintain
their sanity and relationship in the face of this domestic upheaval. Set primarily in Vejnar's apartment, which serves
as the main setting, the film uses its confined space effectively to amplify the sense of intrusion and tension.

SHORT FILM: Cats are Liquid / Kočky jsou tekuté | 2023 CZ | Animation | 1:11 min | Dir: Natálie Durchánková

 SAT 23/03/24     9:00 PM  

DIRECTORS         Jan Vejnar, Tomáš Pavlíček                 

LANGUAGE         Czech | English Subtitles

AGE                       12+ 

CAST                     Simona Peková

                               Annette Nesvadbová

                               Jiří Rendl,

                               Vladimír Kratina

                               Judit Pecháček,

                               Jan Vondráček         



ALL ABOUT THE LITTLE THINGS / O malých věcech                         

2023 CZ | Short Stories / Dramedy | 75 min












O malých věcech’ is a 2023 Czech film directed by Denis Šafařík, offering a bold and innovative take on storytelling through a collection of short stories. Set in a single apartment building, the film presents a tapestry of life's absurdities and the oppressive sense of hopelessness that pervades the everyday. The narrative is a collage of twelve interlinked stories that magnify the mundane to a surreal level, revealing the dark and morbid undercurrents of seemingly trivial human interactions. The movie's strength lies in its ability to transform ordinary scenarios into extraordinary tales, with each story unfolding in the same location but showcasing diverse aspects of human nature and folly. The film is noted for its wit, dark humor, and ability to evoke anxiety, prompting viewers to reflect on the transient nature of life's situations. Despite its lower budget and the constraints of filming in a single location, the movie’s cast, comprising actors like Vanda Hybnerová, Jakub Žáček, and Beáta Kaňoková, succeeds in delivering a compelling narrative that brings these stories to life, each contributing to the film's exploration of life's absurdities. 

SHORT FILM: Symphony / Symfonie | 2023 CZ | Fiction | 8:31 min | Dir: Ondřej Nedvěd, Vojtěch Komárek


SUN 24/03/24     1:30 PM  

DIRECTOR           Denis Šafařík                  

LANGUAGE         Czech | English Subtitles

AGE                       15+ 

CAST                     Vanda Hybnerová

                               Jakub Žáček

                               Beáta Kaňoková

                               Oskar Hes

                               Tereza Hofová

                               Tomáš Havlínek           

                               Jan Nedbal


RÉVEILLON / A máme, čo sme chceli

RÉVEILLON / A máme, čo sme chceli                               

2023 SK, CZ | Comedy / Romance | 104 min  














A máme, čo sme chceli,’ a Slovak-Canadian collaboration, is a nuanced drama that intricately weaves the personal and the political into a tapestry of family history and national identity. The film presents a complex narrative where characters grapple with the shadows of their past, particularly dealing with the consequences of collaboration with the secret police during a politically tumultuous era. Set against a historical backdrop that has shaped the lives of its characters, the film explores the themes of love, betrayal, loyalty, and the search for redemption. The story unfolds through a family's journey, highlighting the moral ambiguities and the emotional turmoil they face as they confront their past actions and their impact on their relationships. Frequent comparisons to the Czech classic Pelíšky promise a blend of humor and drama, where laughter and tears are intertwined in the portrayal of life's complexities. The film's narrative structure, characterized by strong dialogues and emotional resonance, invites the audience into an intimate exploration of its characters' lives. 

SHORT FILM: Don’t Blow It Up / Odpusť | 2022 CZ | Animation | 8:13 min | Dir: Alžbeta Mačáková Mišejková

SUN 24/03/24     4:00 PM  

DIRECTOR           Branislav Mišík                  

LANGUAGE         Slovak | English Subtitles

AGE                       12+ 

CAST                     Bolek Polívka,

                               Eva Holubová

                               Ady Hajdu

                               Anna Šišková

                               Jana Kovalčiková,

                               Jan Budař             

                               Dávid Hartl


NEVER SAY NEVER / Nikdy nehovor nikdy

NEVER SAY NEVER / Nikdy nehovor nikdy                                

2023 SK, CZ | Comedy / Romance | 104 min   













Nikdy nehovor nikdy’ is a romantic comedy that delves into the chaotic and intertwined lives of two individuals going through divorces. The film, directed by Braňo Mišík, follows Naďa and Peter, played by Tereza Kostková and Tomáš Maštalír, as they navigate the complexities of ending their respective relationships. Naďa's husband is revealed as an unfaithful partner, while Peter's marriage suffers due to his wife's commitment to her medical missions in Africa. Their paths cross in an unexpected car accident, sparking a series of encounters that lead to a blossoming romance. Set against the backdrop of their complicated personal lives, the film weaves a narrative of love, second chances, and the humorous yet challenging journey of blending their families. The story portrays the chaotic dynamics of forming a new relationship while managing the fallout of their pasts. This heartwarming and enjoyable movie offers entertainment for a wide variety of movie-goers throughout its whole length and via engaging, well-developed characters and scenarios.

SHORT FILM: Dede is dead / Deniska umřela | 2023 CZ | Animation | 8 min | Dir: Philippe Kastner

SUN 24/03/24     7:00 PM  

DIRECTOR           Branislav Mišík                  

LANGUAGE         Slovak | English Subtitles

AGE                       12+ 

CAST                     Tereza Kostková,

                               Tomáš Maštalír

                               Lenka Krobotová

                               Marek Majeský

                               Hana Holišová

                               Ondřej Sokol             


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