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Films 2023

IL BOEMO / Il Boemo                                

2022 CZ, SK, IT | Biopic / Drama | 140 min   













Awards: The Golden Kingfisher - Best Film Nominee, FIPRESCI - Best Foreign Language Film Nominee

Festivals: San Sebastian

The opening night film features the extraordinary and unknown life story of the most reputed Czech composer Josef Mysliveček – “Il Boemo “– one of the most prolific opera composers in 18th century Italy, who inspired Mozart and became his friend. Very demanded in Naples, he was celebrated in Venice, then the pleasure capital of Europe.

The movie reconstructs Josef’s tragic fate in a visually captivating way within the authentic realities of the time, depicting his humble beginnings in Venice, where he left his native Prague to become a famous musician. With the help of his talent, but also his charismatic performance when around women, the unknown Czech musician quickly turns into a recognized opera composer. The movie structure follows the typical hierarchy of a musical opera: it starts with a prelude, goes through subdivision of two to five acts and finishes in a final epilogue.

SHORT FILM: REFLECTION / Odrazy | 2021 CZ | Animation | 5:33 min


FRI 24/03/23     6:30 PM  

DIRECTOR           Petr Václav                  

LANGUAGE         Italian, Czech | English Subtitle

AGE                       15+ 

CAST                     Vojtěch Dyk

                               Martina Babišová,

                               Barbara Ronchi,

                               Rana Vlady,

                               ELena Radonicich,

                               Karel Roden,               

                               Alberto Cracco,

                               Lino Musella,

                               Cristiano Donati

IL BOEMO | Il Boemo
THE ENCHANTED CAVE | Zakliata jaskyňa

THE ENCHANTED CAVE / Zakliata jaskyňa |
2022 SK, CZ, HU | Fairy tale | 98 min














Hidden in a vast forest, part of a mining region of the Slovak mountains, lies a cave that flouts great riches. It has provided livelihood and prosperity for the whole kingdom for centuries, as it contains treasures, salt and precious rubies. There is an abundant supply of salt available, and the kingdom lives and profits from it, though no one is allowed to take anything from the beautiful ruby ​​hall, as the legend says whoever just touches the rubies will be cursed. It won’t take long for a careless act to take place that will disturb the fragile balance of the entire kingdom… This family fairy tale takes you back to a time of legends and myths, presenting a story full of tension, mystery and adventure, as well as the ability to find one's own courage and discover true love.

Happy Go Ducky is a proud sponsor of this Fairy Tale.

After the film, 3 lucky children will receive a beautiful handmade toy in the raffle.



SAT 25/03/23     1:30 PM

DIRECTOR              Mariana Čengel Solčanská                      

LANGUAGE            Slovak | English Subtitles

AGE                         G rated (all audiences)

CAST                       Tereza BEBAROVÁ,

                                 Dominick BENEDIKT,

                                 Predrag BJELAC,

                                 Karel DOBRÝ

                                 Jan DOLANSKÝ 

THE BARNABAS KOS CASE | Prípad Barnabáš Kos

THE BARNABÁŠ KOS CASE / Prípad Barnabáš Kos                                                   

1964 CZSK | Comedy / Satire | 90 min    













Enter the world of Barnabáš Kos - Bratislava Symphony Orchestra member who plays the triangle. As it turns out, his heart really isn’t in it however. Sometimes he’s late to rehearsal because he has other volunteer commitments or he doesn’t show up at all, for no particular reason. So imagine his surprise when he receives a letter telling him the government has now appointed him the new director of the orchestra. Even though he tries to refuse, the wheels of communist bureaucracy are implacable, and it’s made clear to him that it would not be advantageous to turn the position down... The government has full confidence in him, after all. A satirical comedy about the weakness of the human soul and the vanity of men who achieve power.

SHORT FILM: SHELLS / Schránky | 2022 CZ | Documentary | 9 min 


 SAT 25/03/23     4:00PM


DIRECTOR              Peter Solan

LANGUAGE            Czech, Slovak | English Subtitles

AGE                         G rated (all audiences)

CAST                       Ján Bzdúch

                                 Josef Kemr,

                                 Jarmila Košťová,

                                 Dagmar Kákosová,

                                 Viliam Polónyi,

                                 Jaroslav Rozsíval,

                                 Hana Sarvasová…   

THE WORD | Slovo

THE WORD / Slovo

2022 CZ, SK, PL | Drama | 104 min
















Awards: Karlovy Vary IFF - Crystal Globe Best Director & Best Actor

Festivals: KVIFF, HAIFA IFF, Palm Springs IFF, Cinecitta IFF

The vows of a committed couple are challenged by the invasion of the Soviet Army in 1968. The movie tells a vivid portrait of the family of notary Václav Vojíř, a small-town moral authority, and his selfless wife Věra. Václav is a meticulous law expert and a strict man of noble principles. His expertise is not enough to secure his position, however, since he is not a member of the ruling Communist Party, membership in which goes against his principles. Each time Václav refuses to join the Party, the uninvited ‘guests’ and their requests to wield his community influence on their behalf get a little less polite, hinting at dire consequences for him and his family. This masterfully told and intimate drama, whose protagonists undergo a difficult ordeal of the summer of 1968, is reinforced by finely wrought, exquisite performances from Martin Finger and Gabriela Mikulková.

SHORT FILM: SUZIE IN GARDEN / Zuza v zahradách | 2022 CZ/SK | Animation | 13 min


SAT 23/03/23     7:00PM


DIRECTOR                Beata Parkanová                                              LANGUAGE              Czech | English Subtitles

AGE                            G rated (all audiences)

CAST                         Martin Finger,

                                   Gabriela Mikulková,

                                   Bolek Polívka,

                                   Taťjana Medvecká,

                                   Jenovéfa Boková,

                                    Marek Geišberg,

                                    Ondřej Sokol,

                                    Lea Bankó

SUPERWOMAN | Superžena

SUPERWOMAN / SuperŽena         

2022 SK | Dramedy | 108 min 

















What does a series of deep stares into the eyes of the main protagonists, an old married couple facing a cynical young woman, a porn actress pondering about life and two unlikely train passengers on a train between Bratislava and Prague have in common? 

The movie stars six female protagonists, each with her own little story written by a male screenwriter, each of which were tasked to write a film on the topic: ‘how do you imagine a superwoman?’, resulting in an unexpectedly surprising combination of plots and situations stemming from the seemingly inexhaustible well of the women's world… We meet women in various situations, which at first glance have nothing to do with the idea of a woman in superlatives, which only makes the stories more surprising.

SHORT FILM: ANA / Ana | 2022 SK | Animation | 6:45 min

SUN 26/03/23     4:00PM


DIRECTOR                     Karol Vosátko

LANGUAGE                   Slovak | English Subtitles

AGE                                15+

CAST                              Natálie Topinková,

                                        Renáta Ryníková,

                                        Zuzana Kubovčíková-Šebová,

                                        Diana Mórová,

                                        Marko Igonda,

                                        Zuzana Porubjaková,

                                        Tatiana Dyková…



GRAND PRIX | Grand Prix

GRAND PRIX / Grand Prix                                                        

2022 CZ | Comedy / Drama | 107 min












Grand Prix follows the story of two cousins, Roman and Emil, whose dream is to get into the Formula 1 races. Roman runs a dirty car dealership on the outskirts of the city, has three children and a wild wife, while Emil, a keen lover of order, runs his car workshop in the center and knows almost everything about cars. When one day Emil wins tickets to the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona in a televised contest, little do they know that their dream trip will soon turn into a wild ride across Europe. Especially when ‘Štětka’, Roman's friend and a local trouble magnet, decided to join them… Join their journey filled with incorrect humour, showing Europe full of side roads, cheap motels and rest stops all the way to F1 Grand Prix.

SHORT FILM: HOOD UNION / Sídlisková spojka | 2022 SK | Drama / Ficton 11:40 min


SUN 26/03/23     7:00 PM

DIRECTOR                   Martin Ťapák                                               LANGUAGE                 Slovak | English Subtitles

AGE                              15+ 

CAST                            Kryštof Hádek,

                                      Robin Ferro,

                                      Štěpán Kozub,

                                      Anna Kameníková,

                                      Miroslav Donutil,

                                      Marek Daniel,

                                      Tatiana Dyková,

                                      Eva Hacurová,

                                      Cyril Drozda

MEDIEVAL | Jan Žižka

MEDIEVAL / Jan Žižka                  

2022 CZ | History / Action / Drama | 125 min
















Experience the most expensive Czech film in history, the Czech 'Braveheart' drama directed and produced by Petr Jakl, a former Sydney Olympic medalist… As feuding brothers battle for control of the throne, a Bohemian military leader and a stoic man of action Jan Žižka embarks on a mission to kidnap Lady Katherine, the fiancee of a powerful lord. In a brave attempt to liberate her, he fights back with a rebel army, battling the corruption, greed and betrayal that runs rampant among those clawing for power. Being the Czech Republic’s most expensive feature to date, the film works to mythologize Jan Žižka – already a historical Czech icon – with both a love story and a political rebirth on the background of violent skirmishes and sword fights.


SHORT FILM: DINNER FOR 2 - BREAKFAST FOR 1 / Večera pre 2 – Raňajky pre 1 | 2022 SK | Fiction | 4:08 min


FRI 31/03/23     6:30 PM

DIRECTOR                    Petr Jákl                                               LANGUAGE                  English | English Subtitles

AGE                               15+ 

CAST                             Ben Foster,

                                       Sophie Lowe,

                                       Michael Caine,

                                       Til Schweiger,

                                       Matthew Goode,

                                       William Moseley,

                                       Roland Møller,

                                       Karel Roden,

                                       Jan Budař

GOOD OLD CZECHS | Good Old Czechs

GOOD OLD CZECHS / Good old Czechs        

2022 CZ, SK | Documentary | 83 min   














During WWII., Czechoslovakian airmen fought across the whole of Europe. This Odyssean story follows two Czech men who served in Britain's RAF - yet on return to their home country, a hero's welcome merges into persecution, as the Communist Party seized power. The documentary is based on memories of František Fajtl, Filip Jánský and their literary legacy, serving as a timeless and poignant recounting of young lives sacrificed in wartime. Shot in accordance with the functionalist idea of form following the function and leveraging archive storytelling as well as never-before-seen footage, it allows the audience to experience both the momentous historical events and daily wartime life through the eyes of the airmen as if they took place here and now.

SHORT FILM: ISLAND OF FREEDOM / Ostrov svobody | 2022 CZ | Drama | 26 min


SAT 1/04/23     1:30PM

DIRECTOR                   Tomáš Bojar

LANGUAGE                 Czech | English Subtitles

AGE                              G rated (all audiences) 

CAST                            voice over only


MY SUNNY MAAD | Moje Slunce Mad

MY SUNNY MAAD / Moje slunce Mad    

2021 CZ, SK, FR | Drama / Animation | 85 min  













Awards: Annecy IAFF - Best Feature Film Winner, Future Film Festival - First Prize Winner, Bucheon IAFF - International Competition Feature Film Winner

Oscar nominated and internationally acclaimed Czech animator Michaela Pavlátová’s feature animation story lays a gentle humor and well observed everyday details of the family life. It begins when Helena decides to leave her everyday life in Prague to marry her beloved classmate Nazir in Kabul. Under the name Herra, she begins a new life stage in an exotic environment. But there is no easy way to the dream future. Not everyone has as big a heart as Nazir and as much sense of humor as the head of the family, progressive and warm grandfather. Herra is looking for her place in the new world when a sensitive boy Mad from the distant mountains unexpectedly enters her life. It turns out that happiness can find a person in situations where he would least expect it… My Sunny Maad sensitively portrays the complex environment of Kabul in the second decade of the 21st century and captures the ambivalent feelings expressed by many Afghans towards the West.

SHORT FILM: CONNECTED / Connected | 2022 SK | Animation | 9 min

 SAT 1/04/23    4:00 PM

DIRECTOR              Michaela Pavlátová                                        LANGUAGE            Czech | English Subtitles

AGE                         G rated (all audiences)

CAST                       Zuzana Stivínová,

                                 Hynek Čermák,

                                 Ivan Trojan,

                                 Miroslav Krobot,

                                 Eliška Balzerová,

                                 Berenika Kohoutová



THE BALLAD OF PIARGY / Piargy                                                  

2021 SK, CZ, MK | Drama | 100 min    














Awards: LOS ANGELES CINEMATOGRAPHY AWARDS /LACA/ - Best Feature Film, Song, Art Director, Cinematographer, Producer, Best Black & White Film

A love story about unclear guilt, love and cruel punishment, which in its lyrical beauty bears witness to destruction… A movie with 30+ awards and counting. It is spring 1939 and the bishop in Banska Bystrica finds out that in the village of Piargy, buried by an avalanche a few days ago, the Antichrist was born. The bishop asks a Catholic priest Balaz to investigate the only survivor of the catastrophe - Johanka - and find out what happened. Did Antichrist return to the world or is it just Johanka’s imagination? The ballad of Piargy tells a story of lust and superstition embellished with magical realism and Slovak history with rising fascism at its backdrop. It is a symbol of modern Sodom and Gomorrah, a mirror of the distorted morals of the society, as well as it is a naturalistic metaphor for the subordinate position of women in the patriarchal society.

SHORT FILM: SISTERS / Sestry | 2021 CZ | Animation | 11:20 min

 SAT 1/04/23     7:00PM


DIRECTOR              Ivo Trajkov

LANGUAGE            Slovak | English Subtitles

AGE                         12+

CAST                       Judit Bárdos,

                                 Lucia Siposová,

                                 Jana Kvantiková,

                                 Daniel Fischer,

                                 Marián Geisberg,

                                 Jana Olhová,

                                  Matěj Struhár,

                                  Lucia Klein Svoboda…


MICHAEL KOCAB: ROCKER vs. POLITICIAN | Michael Kocáb: Rocker vs. Politik

M. KOCÁB - ROCKER vs. POLITICIAN / M. Kocáb - Rocker versus politik

2022 CZ, SK | Documentary | 102 min
















Prepare for art and politics to collide on-screen. Michael Kocáb, one of the key figures of Czech culture, politics, and civic society, has his whole life linked with the fight for human rights, political culture, and democracy. The movie follows stages of Kocáb's life, as it progresses from the key moments of childhood, youth and adulthood to mature age, through which he looks at himself and his life so far. Though it focuses primarily on the artistic pursuits of the protagonist, it also maps his political and personal milestones and conveys his current world views and reflections on historical and political events. Rocker vs. Politician tells a story of life optimism, humility towards success and a self-ironic reflection of one's own mistakes and errors

SHORT FILM: WHEN I GROW UP / Až vyrostu | 2021 CZ | Animation | 3:35 min


SUN 2/04/23     4:00PM


DIRECTOR                Olga Sommerová                                             LANGUAGE               Czech | English Subtitles

AGE                            G rated (all audiences)

CAST                          Michael Kocáb

BORDERS OF LOVE | Hranice lásky

BORDERS OF LOVE / Hranice lásky        

2022 CZ, PL | Erotic Drama | 95 min

















Awards: Karlovy Vary International Film Festival - Best Film Winner


Hana and Petr are stuck in a rut with their marriage. As a result of sexual boredom creeping in, they decide to introduce some cheeky games to spice up their love life but to no avail… As a next step, they agree to open up their relationship so they can enjoy extra-marital adventures, under the condition that they will remain honest, sharing their new intimate experiences with one another. But the experiment takes a darker turn when their enjoyment of this newly acquired freedom morphs into a power struggle - he gets a bit tired and jealous, while she develops strong feelings for someone else…

SHORT FILM: RED SHOES / Rudé boty | 2021 CZ | Animation | 14 min

SUN   2/04/23     6:30PM


DIRECTOR                     Tomasz Winski

LANGUAGE                   Czech | English Subtitles

AGE                                 18+

CAST                              Hana Vagnerová,

                                        Matyáš Řezníček,

                                        Eliška Křenková,

                                        Martin Hofmann,

                                        Lenka Krobotová,

                                        Hynek Čermák



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