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Films 2019

JAN PALACH | Jan Palach                           CZ / SK / 2018 | Drama | 124 min                                            













Czech Film Critics Award: 6 

FESTIVALS: Denver FF, Rome FF, Terni IFF

The electrifying opening night feature Jan Palachby Robert Sedláček re-enacts a short period in Jan’s life, culminating in his protest against the Soviet occupation of Prague on the 16th of January, 1969. It is the story of an ordinary young student living in 1960s Czechoslovakia, full of the hopes and dreams of youth in spite of the mild persecution suffered by his family. 


The film focuses on the last months of Jan’s life. It traces his path from an affectionate son, devoted friend and sensitive and thoughtful student, and tries to find the motives that led him to commit the radical act of becoming as he called it ‘Torch number 1’. 


At the time, Palach’s actions aroused worldwide attention. At home, a staggering 600,000 people from all over the country attended his funeral. 


SHORT FILM Poetika Anima/ Poetika Anima SK| 2018 | Animation 5:12 min


WED  27 MARCH  6:30 PM

DIRECTOR            Robert Sedláček                      

LANGUAGE          Czech

                               English subtitles

AGE                       15+ or accompanied by an adult

CAST                     Viktor Zavadil

                                Zuzana Bydžovská

                                Denisa Barešová

                                Kristína Kanátová

                                Jan Vondráček

                                Michal Balcar

                                Simone Hrášková

                                Patrik Paušo

Jan Plalach

DUKLA 61 | Dukla 61                                        CZ  2018 | Drama / Thriller | 154 min















Czech Film Critics Award 2018 Winner

FESTIVALS: Plzeň FF, Karlovy Vary IFF



An incomprehensible disaster that resonates to this very day.


David Ondříček’s Dukla 61 is one of the most remarkable Czech television productions of recent times, focusing on the largest mining disaster of the 2nd half of the 20th century that occurred in former Czechoslovakia.


Falling safety standards, the pressure to produce results as well as an avalanche of critical errors caused a fire on July 7, 1961, during which 108 men suffocated in a Dukla mineshaft near Ostrava. This catastrophic event and the circumstances leading up to it are told through the eyes of a man working at the mine along with his son.


Award-winning director Ondříček has turned this half-forgotten tragedy into a compelling family drama which morphs into a thriller as we head towards a needless disaster.



THU 28 MARCH  6:00 PM

DIRECTOR              David Ondříček                                                      LANGUAGE            Czech

                                 English subtitles

AGE                         15+ or accompanied by an adult

CAST                       Marek Taclík 

                                 Martha Issová

                                 Oskar Hess

                                 Antonie Formanová

                                 Petr Buchta,

                                 Jiří Sedláček 

                                 and others

Dukla 61

FREEDOM | Freiheit                                         DE / SK  | 2017 | Drama | 100 min     














FESTIVALS: Locarno IFF, Warsaw, Haifa, Valladolid, Hof, Sao Paulo, Mannheim-Heidelberg



One person’s desire for freedom often becomes another person’s chains.


Nora leaves her husband and children without saying goodbye. Driven by an irresistible force she cannot ignore, she randomly hitchhikes to 

Bratislava. Hiding her identity, she changes her appearance and befriends a young Slovakian stripper Etela and her husband Tamas, a cook.


While Nora struggles to build a new life, her German family in Berlin is left completely uncertain of her fate. The radical nature of her departure 

appears to be both traumatic and an opportunity. 


Jan Speckenbach’s film Freedomraises some fundamental questions: What is a freedom worth? What is the difference between living and surviving? Is it possible to erase your old life and to become someone else without losing yourself in the process? And above all – actually, what is freedom?


SHORT FILM I Love/I LoveCZ | 2016 | Documentary 13:44 min



FRI 29 MARCH  6:30 PM


DIRECTOR              Jan Speckenbach                      

LANGUAGE            German/Slovak/English

                                 English subtitles

AGE                         15+ or accompanied by an adult

CAST                       Johanna Wokalek

                                 Hans-Jochen Wagner

                                 Andrea Szabová

                                 Ondrej Koval

                                 Inga Birkenfeld

                                 Georg Arms


INTIMATE ENEMY | Dôverný nepriateľ                                                               

                                                                                                         SK / CZ  2018 | Mystery/Thriller/Sci-fi | 108 min
















FESTIVALS: Art Film Fest Košice, Melbourne IFF


Is artificial intelligence our friend or enemy? 


Karel Janák’s sci-fi mystery Intimate Enemy touches on today’s hot topic of our incorporation of AI in everyday life as well as our ever-increasing reliance on objects that could potentially harm us.       


Andrej, a programmer, is working on a project for an intelligent home. In order to perfect his program, he decides to move into the bespoke house with his wife Zuzana to test it out. But he is also working on adding a bonus feature to the software – something that will take care of his wife and help her with her mundane, day to day chores. 
Their idyllic, seemingly perfect life turns into a nightmare and a struggle for survival when someone else steps in and takes control of the software.


SHORT FILM Bloody Fairy Tales / Krvavé pohádky  CZ | 2018 | Fiction 7:38 min



FRI  29 MARCH  9:00 PM


DIRECTOR                Karel Janák                                              LANGUAGE              Slovak

                                   English subtitles

AGE                           15+ or accompanied by an adult


CAST                         Gabriela Marcinková

                                   Vojtěch Dyk

                                   Zuzana Porubjaková

                                   Ondřej Malý

                                   Ady Hajdu

                                   Roman Luknár

Intimate Enemy

THE SECRET OF THE TWO HEADED DRAGON | Když draka bolí hlava                                                                              CZ / SK  2018 | Fairy Tale/ Fantasy / Family | 99 min   














What happens when a dragon has a headache?


Barborka and Tomik by chance stumble upon a two-headed dragon in Čmoudík’s cave and this leads to unexpected adventures during their  

summer holidays at grandma and grandpa’s in the countryside.


Together with Barborka and Tomik, discover the Dragon’s Kingdom, the deeply in love Princess Adelka and Prince Janko and the curse which has  

been placed on them as well as the evil elf Blivajz and the mystery of the Forgotten Meadow.


Kids, have you ever wondered if dragons dance hip hop, how Christmas is celebrated in a dragon cave, what magic power a hundred-year-old dragon

tooth has and why the dragon has a headache? Don’t miss this wonderful fairy tale mystery and all will be revealed. 


Three lucky children will each receive a beautiful handmade toy in our special prize draw following the screening.                                                                                      


SHORT FILM Fruits of Clouds/Plody mraků CZ| 2017 | 10 min | CINEKID Best EU Short Animation


Happy Go Ducky are proud sponsors of this fairytale. 



SAT  30 MARCH  1:30 PM


DIRECTOR                     Dušan Rapoš                                        LANGUAGE                   Czech / Slovak 

                                        English subtitles

AGE                                No restriction   

CAST                              Karel Gott

                                        Kamila Magálová

                                        Kateřina Brožová

                                        Miroslav Šimůnek

                                        Zuzana Mauréry

                                        Jan Koleník                                                                                            

The Secret Of The Two Headed Dragon

THE MEDAL | Signum Laudis                    CZECHOSLOVAKIA  1980 | Psychological WW I                                                                                                                     Drama | 85 min 














FILM AWARDS: KV IFF 1980 Jury Special Award, Pilsen FF 1990 Winner

FESTIVALS: Karlovy Vary IFF, Pilsen FF


A gripping portrait of an insane war.


A look at the absurdity of war and a piercing account of false ideal, Martin Hollý’s masterpiece with its carefully constructed script gives an 

excellent portrait of the final years of World War I and the Austro-Hungarian Empire.


The trenches of the Eastern Front provide the backdrop to the drama of Corporal Hoferik. In his devotion to the Habsburg Empire, he

fanatically carries out his military orders. 


Hoferik, brilliantly played by Vlado Mülleris a genuine tragic hero hoping for a different world, but strictly adhering to the codes of duty and 

obedience which are ultimately his undoing.



The Embassy of the Slovak Republic is the proud sponsor of this screening.


SHORT FILM Just a Note from the Field Post/ Len lístok poľnej pošty SK | 1977 | Document 15 min



SAT 30 MARCH  4:00 PM

DIRECTOR                   Martin Hollý                                                   LANGUAGE                 Slovak

                                      English subtitles

AGE                              15+ or accompanied by an adult

CAST                            Vlado Müller

                                      Josef Bláha

                                      Ilja Prachař

                                      Radovan Lukavský 

                                      Jiří Kodet

                                      Oldřich Velen

                                      Ladislav Frej

                                      Pavel Zedníček

                                      Miroslav Zounar

The Medal
Signum Laudis 11.jpg

THE FIREMENS’ BALL | Hoří má panenko                            

                                                                                                        CZECHOSLOVAKIA / ITALY 1967 | Comedy/Satire 

                                                                                                        71 min    
















AWARDS: Cannes IFF 1968 – Miloš Forman

                   1969 Oscars Nomination: Best Foreign Language Film   

FESTIVALS: Cannes, Kerala


‘If you don’t steal, you’re robbing your family.’ (a common Czech saying in communist times)


Miloš Forman’s last movie filmed in Czechoslovakia before he emigrated to the US, the legendary tragicomedy Firemen’s Ball is one of the gems of Czech cinematography. This unforgiving portrayal of an ill-fated rural ball is today regarded as a masterpiece of Czechoslovak New Wave cinema. But at the time of its release, it was rejected by the state-run film industry.


Domestic audiences had scant opportunity to enjoy Forman’s movie at the cinema: It was only screened for a few weeks after its December 1967 

premiere before the film was accused of gross distortion and denigration of socialist life and it was pulled from distribution. Media at the time even suppressed the fact that it received an Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Language Film. The film then disappeared into the censor’s vaults.


Domestic audiences did not get to see the Firemen’s Ball until perestroika arrived in the country in 1988.


SHORT FILM Yellow / Žltá  SK | 2017 | Animation 6:24 min 



SAT  30 MARCH  6:30 PM

DIRECTOR                    Miloš Forman                                                LANGUAGE                  Czech

                                       English Subtitles

AGE                               15+ or accompanied by an adult

CAST                             Jan Vostrčil

                                       Josef Šebánek

                                       Ladislav Adam

                                       Vratislav Čermák

                                       Josef Řehořek

                                       Josef Valnoha

                                       Milada Ježková

                                       František Svět

                                       Alena Květová

The Firemens' Ball

THE CELLAR  | Pivnica                                          SK / RU / CZ  2018 | Drama/Crime/Thriller| 114 min














FILM AWARDS: Busan IFF Nomination



The question of crime and punishment is never an easy one.


Igor Voloshin's film The Cellar is not an easy story - it invites serious moral judgement. Throughout the film, you are never sure of what you would 

do in the same circumstances. 


The film shows the dilemma of a parent caught between allowing their child to enjoy herself at a party and protecting her in case the party goes 

wrong. Should you blame yourself if something does go wrong? Did you even have a choice as to whether she stayed at home or went out? 


And if something does go wrong, can you really take justice into your own hands? Both Olga Simonova and Jean-Marc Barr as mother and father are completely convincing, brilliantly displaying the range of emotions one would expect from their characters.


SHORT FILM  Chase/ Štvanice CZ | 2017 | Document/Animation  12 min



SAT 30 MARCH  9:00 PM

DIRECTOR                   Igor Voloshin                                            LANGUAGE                 Slovak

                                      English Subtitles

AGE                              15+ or accompanied by an adult

CAST                            Jean-Marc Barr, 

                                      Olga Simonová

                                      Dalibor Štofan

                                      Milan Ondrík

                                      Simonetta Hladká

                                      Jana Oľhová

The Cellar

ROBERT VANO: THE STORY OF A MAN | Robert Vano – příběh člověka 

                                                                                                   CZECH REPUBLIC  2018 | Documentary | 80 Min                                                          


















Photographer Robert Vano: “I never wanted a Porsche or a cottage in the country. I wanted to take pictures.”


Robert Vano worked with the most famous men and the most beautiful women in the world. He met the biggest icons of show business yet he isn’t

world famous. He made thousands of dollars a day and never got rich. The little he did plan never worked out and yet he has never given much thought to all he had accomplished. 


He wanted recognition, but in America, he got only ‘success’. He went further afield in search of it to Italy, Spain, Germany and France but none gave it to him. And when he didn’t care for it anymore, he found recognition, success and the media attention to go with it on his return to his former homeland. 


Zika’s film deviates from the format of biographical documentaries on important personalities because Vano’s attitude to life has never been 

driven by the dogged determination we tend to see in important people. As a result, we can relate to Robert Vano and his life story far more than we might have otherwise expected.   


SHORT FILM  The Last Bus  / Posledný autobus SK | 2011 | Drama/feature 15 min  



SUN 31 MARCH  1:30 PM

DIRECTOR               Adolf Zika                                               LANGUAGE             Czech

                                  English Subtitles

AGE                          15+ or accompanied by an adult

CAST                        Robert Vano,

                                  Iva Janžurová

                                  Adolf Zika

                                  Filip Jančík

Robert Vano

BEAR WITH US | Chata na prodej                                                                             

                                                                                                           Czech Republic 2018  | Comedy/Drama  | 77 min       














FESTIVALS:  Karlovy Vary IFF


A family, a country cottage and one last opportunity to reminisce.


Tomáš Pavlíček´s comedy/drama tells the story of a family, who decides to sell their beloved cottage as none of them has visited it for some time. But it holds so many nostalgic memories that their mother decides that before the sale is finalised, the whole family must come and spend one last weekend at the cottage, despite everyone’s objections. 


Her husband doesn't like the idea. While grandma hates the cottage, grandpa isn´t really aware of reality anymore. Their daughter now lives in 

Germany with her boyfriend and their son was recently dumped by his girlfriend. But mum insists, so on a foggy morning, they all set off for the 



This well-paced comedy about the Czech phenomenon of weekending in the country was a hit with critics and public alike at the 

2018 Karlovy Vary IFF. 



SHORT FILM Journey / Journey  SK | 2018 | Animation 9 min



SUN 31 MARCH  4:00 PM

DIRECTOR                  Tomáš Pavlíček                                     LANGUAGE                Czech

                                     English Subtitles

AGE                             15+ or accompanied by an adult

CAST                           Ivana Chýlková

                                     David Vávra

                                     Tereza Voříšková

                                     Judit Bárdos

                                     Jan Kačer

                                     Jan Strejcovský

                                     Michael Pitthan

                                     Václav Kopta

Bear With Us

WHAT MEN LONG FOR / Po čem muži touží                                                                             

                                                                                                           Czech Republic 2018 | Comedy/Fantasy 

                                                                                                           95 min                      
















Do women really have it easier than men?


Karel, the protagonist of this clever comedy will literally find out the answer to this question on himself. And yes, we did say ‘on’ himself.


Without spoiling the fun, suffice to say that the world of this charming but chauvinist ladies’ man will be turned upside down following a 

sequence of unexpected events. The unforeseen consequences make Karel wish he could hit the rewind button faster than you can say 



Rudolf Havlík’s hilarious comedy about What Men Long For was the biggest box office hit of 2018 despite only being released in September. A laugh out loud comedy that’s a genuinely fun night out at the movies.



SHORT FILM Blueberry Hunt/ Hurá na borůvky CZ  | 2017 | Animation 7 min



SUN 31 MARCH  6:30 PM

DIRECTOR                  Rudolf Havlík

LANGUAGE                Czech

                                     English Subtitles

AGE                             15+ or accompanied by an adult

CAST                           Jiří Langmajer

                                     Anna Polívková

                                     Matěj Hádek

                                     Táňa Pauhofová

                                     Jiří Havelka

                                     Lenka Vlasáková

                                     Sara Sandeva

                                     Lucie Polišenská

What Men Long For
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