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Updated: Apr 1, 2023

3 weeks to go, 3 films to highlight!

Here are three exiting films that will be screened for our 10 year anniversary: More information and a full film list is available on our website at


The Word / Slovo | 2022 CZ | Drama | 104 min DIRECTOR: Beata Parkanová

Inspired by true events, Beata Parkanová’s masterfully told and intimate drama THE WORD reveals a family's difficult ordeal during the summer of 1968 (invasion of Czechoslovakia by USSR led forces).

The finely wrought and exquisite performances of Martin Finger and Gabriela Mikulková depict Vera and Václav - a married couple, a microcosm of society. Their commitment to each other is challenged by growing pressures from the Communist Party and its influence over their community. Vows are challenged, personal insights are explored, all with consuming urgency.


M. KOCÁB - ROCKER vs. POLITICIAN / M. Kocáb - Rocker versus politik | 2022 CZ | Documentary | 102 min

DIRECTOR: Olga Sommerová

A collision of art and politics on-screen.

Rocker Michael Kocáb - one of the key figures of Czech culture, politics, and civic society, has his whole life linked with the fight for human rights, political culture, and democracy. ROCKER VS. POLITICIAN tells a story of life optimism, humility towards success, and a self-ironic reflection of one's own mistakes and errors.

Although Olga Sommerová's impressive documentary focuses primarily on Kocáb's artistic work in the field of rock music, it also charts his not so well known political and personal milestones, and conveys his contemporary views on the world and reflections on the historical and political events he was part of - including never-seen-before footage.


SUPERWOMAN / SuperŽena | 2022 SK | Dramedy | 108 min

DIRECTOR: Karol Vosátko

What does a series of deep stares into the eyes of the main protagonists, an old married couple facing a cynical young woman, a porn actress pondering about life, and two unlikely train passengers on a train between Bratislava and Prague have in common?

The movie stars six female protagonists, each with her own little story written by a male screenwriter, each of which were tasked to write a film on the topic: ‘how do you imagine a superwoman?’, resulting in an unexpectedly surprising combination of plots and situations stemming from the seemingly inexhaustible well of the women's world… We meet women in various situations, which at first glance have nothing to do with the idea of a woman in superlatives, which only makes the stories more surprising as they unfold.

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