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SUNDAY 2 APRIL marks the CLOSING NIGHT of this year's festival. Enjoy a glass of wine or beer and a traditional Moravian wedding pastry before the screening at 6PM, and the PRIZE DRAW afterwards! BORDERS OF LOVE / Hranice Iásky | 2022 CZ | Erotic Drama | 95 min Director: Tomasz Winski

Hana and Petr are stuck in a rut with their marriage. As a result of sexual boredom creeping in, they decide to introduce some cheeky games to spice up their love life but to no avail… As a next step, they agree to open up their relationship so they can enjoy extra-marital adventures, under the condition that they share their new intimate experiences with one another. But the experiment takes a darker turn when this newly acquired freedom morphs into a power struggle.

PRIZE DRAW 1st Prize:

  • 1L Becherovka

  • $50 Tommy's Beer Cafe voucher

  • $75 Way2Live Cafe voucher

2nd Prize:

  • 700ml Becherovka

  • $50 Tommy's Beer Cafe voucher

  • $50 Way2Live Cafe voucher

3rd Prize:

  • 700ml Becherovka

  • 'One metre sausage' voucher for Tommy's Beer Cafe

  • $25 Way2Live Cafe voucher

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