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CS Film Fest Sydney? Movies, Prizes & Tunes!

No beating around the bush this time... This e-mail is jam-packed with information! That's right, important updates alert :) Great movies aside there's amazing prizes to win and good quality music to rock your heads to. Want to know more? Read on.


Charlatan and Shadow Country triumphed at the Czech Lion film awards, winning the Best Film, Best Director & Best Actor awards, as well as Best Screenplay, Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress respectively. Reason to get excited!


In the cinema, just before we'll serve you the greatest the Czech & Slovak cinematography has to offer this year, you'll get to pamper your ears with the music production by the amazing SaxBeats (Wednesday) & DJ YaKnow? Check! (Sunday).

The more the merrier! We know it's not Christmas yet but the same rule applies. The more movie tickets you buy the bigger your chance to win some incredible prizes.

Any ideas what these might be? :) And wait till you see the ones for children...

Stay tuned for more information in the next newsletter.


Good news everyone! While we still need to cater for certainCOVID-19 related restrictions, the cinema halls will operate to maximum capacity. That means we'll get to enjoy all movies with our loved ones right by our side(s). That being said, we'll have to ask anyone with a drink in their hands to go and sit in the cinema directly.

We'll hang out & gather with drinks in the mezzanine again next year :)

Thank you for your understanding.

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