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Festival is Here!

Finally. The wait is over, let's celebrate! Best by buying tickets for that one last movie you know you wanted

to see but wasn't sure if three isn't enough...You know our take on it :)

Video Kings, festival's first special screening, which premiered in Sokol Sydney on Saturday evening, attracted a large audience. And better yet, everyone loved it! Considering it was raining cats & dogs, we couldn't be happier.

With such a strong start, we can't wait to show you what the main programme has to offer!


Not only movies, there's also some good quality music to make your cinema experience even better.


This energising band will for sure bring an excellent entertainment vibe for you & your friends to enjoy just before the opening screening. Sax on!

WED 24 March 6:30PM | Dendy Newtown

DJ YaKnow?Check!

With his love for everything vinyl,this DJ likes keepingit old school. Scratching and beat juggling, you name it... this closing gig will be fun!

SUN 28 March 6:30PM | Dendy Newtown

We can't wait to welcome you in the cinema tomorrow!

Don't miss out on last available tickets. There's still a few left...


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