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ONLY 2 WEEKS TO GO! Here are three exiting films that will be screened for our 10 year anniversary: More information and a full film list is available on our website at

MEDIEVAL / Jan Žižka | 2022 CZ | History / Action / Drama | 125 min DIRECTOR: Petr Jákl

The most expensive Czech film in history, the blockbuster MEDIEVAL shot in authentic Czech locations with internationally renowned actors such as Ben Foster, Michael Caine, and Til Schweiger in the lead roles focuses on the early life of the famous 15th Century Czech Hussite warrior Jan Žižka, known for his innovative military tactics, charisma, and courage.

The Czech 'Braveheart' drama centres around two royal brothers who jostle for the throne. The historical epic takes a brutal look at the early days of the national hero who becomes embroiled in the royal feud. Jan Žižka (Ben Foster) was an unmatched military tactician and an innovator in weaponry, who never lost a single battle despite leading an army of peasants and farmers against hardened soldiers. And most of the time, he was either partially or (later in his life) completely blind.

GOOD OLD CZECHS / Good old Czechs | 2022 CZ | Documentary | 83 min DIRECTOR: Tomáš Bojar

The Odyssean story of two Czechoslovak airmen out of thousands fighting across war torn Europe.

A unique poetic form of archive storytelling with never-before-seen footage of WWII from the archives of both countries as well as the UK telling the story of Czechoslovak airmen who escaped to fight the Nazis after the Munich Agreement paved the way for the occupation of their homeland.

It follows their experiences across the whole of Europe, the euphoria of their return at the end of the war, and their betrayal and persecution once the communists took power in 1948. The documentary has taken around three years to produce.

THE ENCHANTED CAVE / Zakliata jaskyňa | 2022 SK | Fairy tale | 98 min

DIRECTOR: Mariana Čengel Solčanská

This family fairy tale takes you back to a time of legends and myths, presenting a story full of tension, mystery and adventure, as well as the ability to find one's own courage and discover true love. Hidden in a vast forest, part of a mining region of the Slovak mountains lies a cave that flouts great riches. It has provided livelihood and prosperity for the whole kingdom for centuries as it contains treasures, salt, and precious rubies. No one is allowed to take anything from the beautiful ruby hall though, as the legend says whoever just touches the rubies will be cursed. It won’t take long for a careless act to take place that will disturb the fragile balance of the entire kingdom.



The screening will be sponsored by Happy Go Ducky and 3 lucky children can win one of their beautiful handmade toys! Be sure to bring along the whole family.

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