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In this year's festival, there are many genres to choose from. We have documentary, fantasy, thriller, comedy and drama films. With the festival around the corner, here is an insight to some of the great films on offer this year.


Andrej, a programmer, is working on a project for an intelligent home. In order to perfect his program, he decides to move into the bespoke house with his wife Zuzana to test it out. 

Their idyllic, seemingly perfect life turns into a nightmare and a struggle for survival when someone else steps in and takes control of the software.

FRI 29 MARCH 9:00 PM


The film shows the dilemma of a parent caught between allowing their teenager to enjoy herself at a party and protecting her in case the party goes wrong. Should you blame yourself if something does go wrong? Did you even have a choice as to whether she stayed at home or went out? 

SAT 30 MARCH 9:00 PM


Nora leaves her husband and children without saying goodbye. Driven by an irresistible force she cannot ignore, she randomly hitchhikes to Bratislava.

Hiding her identity, she changes her appearance and befriends a young Slovakian stripper Etela and her husband Tamas.

While Nora struggles to build a new life, her German family in Berlin is left completely uncertain of her fate.

FRI 29 MARCH 6:30 PM



For every ticket purchased, we will give you an entry into the prize draw. The more films to see, the better chance to win.

  • 2 nights’ accommodation package for two at the 4* boutique hotel Mama’s in the fun-filled Slovak capital, Bratislava

  • A half day guided tour of Prague, courtesy of Prague City Tourism as well as a Double Pass to next year’s Sydney Czech & Slovak FF Opening Night

  • A Festival Double Pass for 3 movies of your choice at the 2020 Czech &Slovak Film Festival (excludes opening night feature film & party)


For more information and film trailers and tickets visit our website.

Also, keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram for the latest news.


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