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Go, Go, Go... Tickets Sale is Open

Stop what you're doing and head over to your nearest bus / train station, alternatively order a ride via your favourite ride sharing service. Biking and running is allowed too... This year's festival tickets are on sale! OK OK, no need to go anywhere physically, simply head over to DENDY Cinema website & buy tickets for your favourite movie(s) from the comfort of your home, office or both in one as is the reality of today for many of us. With all seriousness though, the sooner you secure your tickets the better; we have to allow for social distancing in the cinema hall, reducing total seating capacity. No need to panic but we wouldn't delay the purchase for too long ;)

Get excited as there are some seriously good quality movies not to be missed this year. Here's a little teaser of what to expect:

Think of a politicalthriller inspired by real life events... A small picturesque European country where anything goes, blackmail is just anothertype of business and death is just a commodity.Sounds harsh? You haven'tseen anything yet...

Have you ever wondered what does a drone navigator with a strong sense of justice, who realises life has a deeper meaning, have in common with Dick Cheney, the American politician and businessman? Watch on...

We've also updated our website so you can do your research which movies to watch. From trailers to synopses and anything in between, we've got you covered. Alternatively check out the Partners section to see which companies help continue the legacy of this unique festival. Show Me The Program

Last but not least, a reminderfor those of you who's cinema movie-binging hunger grows bigger week by week...For the first time in the historyof the festival, you can watch a festival movie before the festival begins... What?!?

Put a placeholder for 20th of March at Sokol Sydney and head over here for more info.

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