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T-29 Days. The Festival Is Around the Corner.

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

That's right! It's less than a month before we get to enjoy all the fine movies this year's festival has to offer. Our aim was to provide you with a variety of movies spanning across genres and different directorial styles so that everyone can find a title that suits their taste the best.

And we're happy to see this struck the right note with you too, as demonstrated by the amount of questions we've received & ticket sales that by far exceeded our expectations.

How about you? Do you already know to which movies you'll take your favourite flavoured popcorn to? Call us biased but we certainly do and can't wait for the whole movie watching experience to begin. Join us ;)

This newsletter highlights two exceptional titles we're truly excited about:

Night Riders

The movie tells a story of two war veterans facing off against each other in a small village bordering Poland in the north of Slovakia. One has the backing of the whole, albeit poor village, while the other has the law on his side.

The conflict reaches its climax in the closing shoot out, not too dissimilar to a traditional western style confrontation, however set in the insecure years of the newly founded Czechoslovak Republic.

Starring top actors of both Czech & Slovak movie scenes, this is an excellent opportunity to re-discover this digitally restored, timeless Czechoslovak classic.

Shadow Country

Inspired by Tusť massacre from May 1945 committed against the Sudeten Germans, this 2020 historical drama depicts a unique account of life in the Czech-Austrian border village of Schwarzwald between 1930s to the 1950s.

In the extremely difficult years before and after the WWII, the Austrian and Czech villagers must choose their allegiances, some which will have dire & unpredictable consequences.

A powerful story about a small, tight-knit community of Czechs & Germans, comprising of decent people sacrificed to a political ideology.

You know what they say... Third time's a charm. Hence this reminder to check out &

book a ticket for this year's festival (un)official start on the 20th of March at Sokol Sydney.

If you ever wondered what a Wild West of the Czech &Slovak cinematography looked like (i.e. the '90s), skip the time machine queue and go watch this documentary.Seriously.


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