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Cookies are used to provide the services and features offered on this website, to improve your user experience and for tracking and analytical purposes.

Which cookies do we use?

We use performance cookies and analytical cookies. These collect information about how visitors use our website to help improve performance and service. These are persistent cookies, placed by either Facebook or Google Analytics, and remain stored on your device after the browsing session has finished (you can find the Google Analytics privacy information here and the Facebook privacy notice here). They do things like:

  • Monitor the times and durations of your visits (Google Analytics).

  • Monitor the number of pages you visit (Google Analytics).

  • Monitor the country and city you visit from (Google Analytics, Facebook).

  • Monitor how the user found my website (Google Analytics).

  • Monitor the language used by your browser (Google Analytics).

  • Monitor the type of device you are using (Google Analytics).

  • Monitor the operating system you are using (Google Analytics).

  • I do not currently use Google Analytics to monitor user demographics (like age, gender, lifestyle preferences and product or purchase interests).

What information do we use?


When you join the newsletter you may provide:

  • name

  • email address


We may use this information to:

  • send email newsletters with information about festival


Your information may be stored:

  • in the mailing list provider account (Wix)


Your information may be shared with:

  • the mailing list provider (Wix)

  • our email account (Gmail)


The lawful basis for processing your information:

  • you consent to receiving email newsletters


You can withdraw this consent at any time by following the link at the bottom of each email.

Who uses the cookies?


Unit 9, 51 Gould St.

Bondi Beach NSW 2026

See information about how your personal data is used, stored and shared here.

Learn more about how to delete or control cookies here.

Learn more about how Google uses cookies here.  

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