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Privacy Policy

We believe that personal information should always be treated with respect. We shall explain what we will do with any information about yourself that you choose to provide and the reasons why.


We shall explain how this information is collected, stored, used and shared, and your rights to view, control, correct and delete the data held about you, as well as your right to object.


Your information will never be used or shared other than as described here.

How do we get your information?




What happen with your data when you contact us?

When you contact us, via email or social media you may provide the following information:


  • name

  • email address

  • username

  • other information relevant to your query


We may use this information to:


  • respond to your query


Your information may be stored:


  • in email account (Gmail)

  • in website account (Wix)

  • in social media account messages (Facebook, Instagram, depending on how you contact us)


Your information may be shared with:


  • email provider if you contact me via email or the contact form on this website (Gmail)

  • social media platform (Facebook, Instagram, depending on how you contact us)


The lawful basis for processing your information:


  • we both have a legitimate interest in the correspondence about a query

What information do we use?


When you join the newsletter you may provide:

  • name

  • email address


We may use this information to:

  • send email newsletters with information about festival


Your information may be stored:

  • in the mailing list provider account (Wix)


Your information may be shared with:

  • the mailing list provider (Wix)

  • our email account (Gmail)


The lawful basis for processing your information:

  • you consent to receiving email newsletters


You can withdraw this consent at any time by following the link at the bottom of each email.

Who uses the cookies?


Unit 9, 51 Gould St.

Bondi Beach NSW 2026

Retention periods


Your information will be held for as long as needed for perform the necessary process. This will vary depending on the type of information, and the reason I have collected and storing the information:


  • correspondence about a query will be kept until the query is suitably dealt with

  • name and email address on newsletter will be kept until you withdraw consent, we have reason to believe you no longer want to receive email, or we close the list


Information is stored in online accounts. These accounts are on SSL protected websites and are password protected.

We do not store personally identifiable information on computer or portable devices.


For information about cookies and similar technologies please see our Cookies Information.

Your rights


You have the right to:


  • access the information we hold about you

  • have the details we hold about you rectified

  • have the information we hold about you erased in some circumstances

  • restrict the processing of your information in some circumstances

  • object to the processing of your information

You can learn more about how we use cookies here

Learn more about how to delete or control cookies here

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