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Only 5 sleeps until our Weekend of Film!

Updated: Feb 22, 2018

Dendy Newtown 27 & 28 OCT

We read with interest this weekend that apparently Donald Trump is about to authorise the release of secret files about JFK’S assassination in 1963.

(Full story by New York Times here: )

With all the conspiracy and assassination theories which have swirled around JFK’s death – everything from the CIA to the Mafia ordering the hit on the president – we couldn’t help but be reminded of the political intrigue and drama which played out much closer to home in the newly created Slovakia of the early 1990s.

Illegal kidnappings, organised crime, Mafia and secret service interference in politics all seemed to be the new normal. The abuse of power by those in power and the extraordinary lengths they went to, to eliminate their political rivals during those turbulent years is expertly portrayed in the Slovak political thriller Únos (Kidnapping) screening on Saturday evening at 7 pm.

And watching the drama unfold on the big screen, it’s hard to believe that this was political reality only some 20 years ago.

Don’t miss your chance to win 1 of 3 EXCLUSIVE MOVIE DOUBLE PASSES to our film festival in March.

Bring your tickets stubs from at least 2 movie sessions screened during the weekend to our desk @ Dendy Newtown and enter them in the box with your name & contact details.

The prizes will be drawn at our final screening of Kidnapping/Únos on Saturday evening, the 28th of October.

* Full terms & conditions: Please see our website (

All films subtitled in English.


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