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UTS 2016

(University of Technology Sydney, Faculty of Design, Architecture & Building)


Sat 15th Oct at 2:00 PM

FAMU (Film & TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague) and UTB Zlín (Tomáš Baťa Uninersity in Zlín)

ZOO Story/Co se stalo v ZOO

CZ | 2015 | 4 min | Animation | Director: Veronika Zacharová |AGE:  No Restriction

A story of an inquisitive girls visiting the ZOO with her mother. While her mother handles business calls, the child sneaks into the gorilla enclosure and makes a new friend. When the mother starts looking forher, the evidence and her own fears lead her to the tiger’s cage…

The More I Know/ Čím víc vím

CZ | 2015 | 8 min | Animation | Director: Marek Náprstek | AGE:  15, or accompanied by an adult
An old man wants to share the story of his life before he dies. Facing life’s unknowns, he is reassured by his surroundings that this is the way it is meant to be. The older he gets however, the less sense he makes of it all.


Sunrise/ Sunrise

CZ | 2015 | 7 min | Animation | Director: Vít Pancíř | AGE:  15, or accompanied by an adult
The star of the film is the white circle of the sun as it orbits across the sky. Its circular shape and elliptical movement are metaphors for the diversity, intricacy and fragility of life.


CZ | 2015 | 5 min | Animation | Director: Hanka Nováková | AGE:  No Restriction

An allegory about people and the limits of their world. The film tells the story of how something simple can start a downward spiral, and how difficult it then becomes to stop it. Difficult, but not impossible.

Leshy/ Lesapán

CZ | 2015 | 23 min | Fiction | Director: Pavel Soukup | AGE:  15, or accompanied by an adult
A dark tale about the clash between the gamekeeper Karel and a mysterious beast, called Leshy awakened by poachers. Who will become the true ruler of the forest? The storyline draws on Czech classics like KJ Erben and B Nemcová

Happy End/ Happy End

CZ | 2015 | 6 min | Animation | Director: Jan Saska |AGE:  No Restriction

A black comedy about death with happy ending. A splendid chain of unlikely encounters: hunters, a tractor driver, a disco boy and a corpse.

FTF VŠMU (Film & TV Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts, Bratislava)

Sat 15th Oct at 3:30 PM

Rosso Papavero/ Rosso Papavero

SK |2014 | 5 min | Animation | Director: Martin Smatana | AGE:  No Restriction

Once upon a starry night, a small boy with a head full of fantasies witnesses some dreamlike circus performances. Dazed by the endless chain of glittering attractions he realizes that the price of a ticket to this fantastical circus tent is too high and so the gate between reality and dream begins to close.

Star Taxi/ Hviezdny taxík

SK | 2015 | 15 min |Animation | Director: Juraj Krumpolec | AGE:  No Restriction

Adventures of a little boy Hugo and taxi driver Peppino on their journey through a dangerous universe. Moving faster than the speed of light, they flee from the furious monsters of Aldebaran.

In Line/V rade

SK | 2014 | 4 min | Animation | Director: Kamila Kučíková | AGE:  No Restriction

Tedious queuing is not always rewarded.

Brother Deer/Braček Jelenček

SK | 2015 | 12 min | Animation | Director: Zuzana Žiaková |AGE:  15, or accompanied by an adult
A magical story about sibling love between a brother and sister who meet face to face with almighty mistress - Death


Mila Fog/Mila Fog

SK | 2015 | 11 min | Animation | Director: Marta Prokopová | AGE:  15, or accompanied by an adult
I feel emptiness around me. The night is cold and dark. I am looking for light, wherever it may be.

Cowboyland/ Kovbojsko

SK | 2015 | 5 min | Animation | Director: Dávid Štumpf

According to the rules of the Wild West, thieves must be punished. But when the sheriff's horse fails, there is no-one to oversee the rule-keeping.

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