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Hello Movie Fans! Check Out Our Feature Films

Hello Movie Fans.



Which movie is going to be your absolute favourite this year?


2023 CZ/SK | Drama |117min

Opening Feature


Matěj Chlupáček’s superbly shot film is set in pre-war Czechoslovakia in 1937. The tense drama is revolving around a discovery of the dead body of a newborn hermaphrodite baby. Helena, an aspiring doctor, and wife of factory director Alois Haupt is about to give birth and is eyeing a rosy future in a modern city. But all her illusions soon vanish as she finds herself in the midst of a mysterious and disturbing discovery.


WED 20 March 6:30pm


Becherovka cocktail on arrival & popular open sandwiches after the movie + live music


ABSENCE / Absence 

2021 IR, CZ, SK | Drama / Mystery Thriller | 100 min

Australian Premiere


An intriguing mystery drama inspired by true events about an Iranian man who leaves his troubled family life in Tehran and travels to Prague in an effort to trace the path of his father, a young expatriate. Yet each clue he finds deepens the mystery and confronts the idealised image of the man he thought he knew. Iranian actor and director Ali Mosaffa’s film sheds light on the chequered past of many foreign expatriates living and studying in the former Czechoslovakia.


SAT 23 MARCH | 6:30 PM


SHE CAME AT NIGHT / Přišla v noci

2023 CZ | Black Comedy / Horror | 85 min 

Have you ever wondered how you and your partner’s life would change if an overbearing mother moved in? She Came at Night mixes elements of comedy and horror as the young couple is struggling to maintain their sanity and relationship in the face of this domestic upheaval.

SAT 23/03/24     9:00 PM


RESTORE POINT / Bod obnovy 

2023 CZ, SK, PL, RS | Sci-fi Thriller | 116 min


Crimes of today are often difficult to solve, right? What if you could resurrect the victim of violent crime? Sounds crazy? Not quite, not in 2041 in the Czech Sci-Fi masterpiece - Restore Point. Thanks to a revolutionary brain-backing procedure an ambitious young detective embarks on a thrilling journey to solve a complex murder case.

THU 21/03/24     7:00 PM



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