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SHE CAME AT NIGHT / Přišla v noci

2023 CZ | Black Comedy / Horror | 85 min


 Where does the family visit end and the domestic invasion begins?


Simona Peková won The Lion Award (CZECH OSCARS) for the best female performance in a leading role for her portrayal of Valerie in this horror-themed comedy She Came At Night. The film also won Best Director Awards.


SAT 23 March | 9:00 PM



SUPPRESSED / Němá tajemství

2023 CZ | Psychological Drama | 107 min


Němá tajemství’ is a compelling psychological crime drama directed by Tomáš Mašín and written by Alice Nellis.


The drama revolves around Martin, a veterinarian who has suffered a severe accident that has left him with aphasia, leaving him trapped in his own mind and unable to communicate or understand others. The film artfully explores the impact of this condition not only on Martin, but also on the women in his life. On his wife Erika, his mother, and Jana whose horse caused the incident and further complicated an already tense situation between them all.


FRI 22 March | 6:30 PM


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