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We're back!

6th SYDNEY Czech & Slovak Film Festival

27-31 MARCH 2019

The festival is devoted to celebrating the Czech and Slovak film industry by showcasing some of the best contemporary films.

Traditionally, the film festival will be inclusive of many film genres for a wide audience that will give them a chance to gain insight into the Czech and Slovak life and culture.

This time again, the festival will commence at Dendy Opera on Wednesday,  March 27 with a music performance and catering. From Thursday on, we will continue at Dendy Newtown. To conclude the festival, there will be a special screening at Dendy Newtown on Sunday, March 31.

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Opening Night 27 March - Dendy Opera

Then, 28-30 March - Dendy Newtown

Closing Night 31 March - Dendy Newtown


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