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Your Favourite Film Festival is Back!

We're very excited to welcome you to another Czech & Slovak Film Festival in Sydney.

It's hard to believe this is its 8th consecutive year already ,more so after last year's unpredictable COVID situation, which hit cinemas& movie producers around the globe.

We can't wait to welcome you back. Bring your family, friend sand acquaintances to enjoy a fine selection of the latestCzech and Slovak movies our home production has to offer this year.

WHEN: 24-28 March

WHERE: Dendy Cinema Newtown

New to the festival is a little 'teaser' screening outside of the official time frame and venue. On the 20th of March in Sokol Sydney, you'll be able to get your movie taste buds ready by watching an exceptionally insightful documentary detailing the beginning of the movie industry back home as seen by the producers, dubbers, movie pirates etc.

Registrations & more information available here.

One thing we're really excited about is our new website address you see above. Hooray! While the legacy of the original festival's team names reflected in the previous URL was funky & nostalgic, we aim to open and bring the festival to as many people as possible.

We'll soon start updating the website with this year's movie content so you can find all the details and latest trailers right at your fingertips. You'll find more information in the next newsletter, in the meantime follow our social media for the latest festival news.

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